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Commission appoints new member to NESS board

St. Francois County Treasurer Kerry Glore discusses the Network for Emergency Shelter Services (NESS) Board during a recent commission meeting.

St. Francois County Treasurer Kerry Glore recently gave her recommendation for a new member for the Network for Emergency Shelter Services (NESS) Board and also discussed the board’s history.

Glore gave a little history on the NESS Board to help others better understand what they actually do.

“Back in 1994 the voters of St. Francois County decided they were going to pass a fee that would help people with domestic violence issues,” said Glore. “So fees are collected by the recorder on marriage and fees are collected by the circuit clerk on criminal and civil cases.”

Glore said in 1994 voters passed the money, but they needed a board to administer the money so the county commissioners at that time created a board that they would appoint and it’s called the Network for Emergency Shelter Services or NESS Board.

“The money that is collected comes to the treasurer and then it is turned over to that board,” said Glore. “The board consists of counties within the circuit, for example, St. Francois County has two representatives and one of those representatives turned in her resignation after many years of service.”

Glore said because of Mildred Smith’s resignation, they were looking for a replacement and they had put out the word about the need for someone to serve on that board.

“Somebody answered the call and that was Pat King, our assistant prosecuting attorney,” said Glore. “So I respectfully submit Pat King’s name as a replacement for that board to represent St. Francois County.”

The other counties that are included are Ste. Genevieve and Washington County. They also passed those taxes and are a part of the board. 

The St. Francois County Commission accepted Glore’s recommendation and appointed King to the NESS Board. It’s an ongoing position and King will be a representative until he resigns.

Glore feels King is a great guy and will do a wonderful job at representing St. Francois County and the commission agreed.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or



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