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A former Potosi Correctional Center corrections officer has been accused of having a sexual relationship with an inmate and providing the inmate with a cell phone which was used to make arrangements for narcotics deliveries.

Nichole Taylor, 42, of Park Hills, has been charged with two Class B felonies of delivering or concealing prohibited articles in a prison and three Class E felonies of sexual contact with a prisoner. She was released on a $20,000 bond on June 4.

According to court records, COI Taylor met with a custody supervisor on Nov. 1 and provided the location of two cell phones that were concealed in an offender housing unit under a toilet.

The phones were associated with the two offenders living in that housing unit. A cell phone analysis of the phones showed Coy Garrett, who was serving a sentence of life without the possibility of parole for murder and robbery, was involved in a relationship with Taylor.

The phone showed text messages where Taylor and Garrett discussed their past relationship. They also discussed photos he had of her including one that was recovered that shows the two kissing.

Garrett told authorities the relationship with Taylor began in 2016 and was initiated by her. He said they engaged in sexual activities at least 15 times in the Missouri Vocational Enterprises area of the prison.

Garrett was able to describe tattoos Taylor has on her upper left shoulder and lower back. He said they have matching infinity tattoos on their left pinky fingers.

But the offender says that is not all they did together.

On Oct. 24, 2017, text messages show Garrett texted someone to make arrangements for Taylor to pick up narcotics from a trashcan receptacle in the restroom of a restaurant in Arnold. A text confirms the narcotics were received by Garrett. Later, Taylor texted Garrett asking when she would get paid.

Three days after the initial text message, an offender was found unresponsive in the prison. He was administered Narcan due to his symptoms of overdose.

Other text messages show Taylor assisted Garrett in previous deliveries for personal financial gain.

In addition, Garrett said he received heroin and ice (meth) from Taylor on three or four occasions. Taylor admitted going to the Arnold location but claims she left the white powdery substance, which was wrapped in a purple sanitary napkin, in the bathroom trash. A photo from Garrett’s cell phone shows a purple sanitary napkin in the back seat of a vehicle.

Taylor admitted she received a total of three postal deliveries from Garrett’s relative. She said the first two parcels, which were sent to her Park Hills home, contained meth. She claims she flushed the narcotics down the toilet. She said she received a shipment that contained an envelope which she delivered to PCC in October of 2017. She said she did not know what was in the envelope but she knew it likely contained meth. She also admitted to receiving a $175 Western Union money order from the relative prior to that shipment.

She also admitted providing Garrett with one cell phone. However, Garrett said he had received a total of five cell phones from Taylor since 2015.

Text messages show she also provided Garrett’s cellmate with an iPhone.


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