State Rep. Chris Dinkins, R-Annapolis, is applauding her colleagues in the Missouri House of Representatives for taking the initiative to supplement the salaries of Missouri’s deputy sheriffs.

The House on Thursday third read and passed House Bill 746 and 722, a bill string co-sponsored by Dinkins and Rep. Kenneth Wilson, R-Smithville, with a vote of 120-26.

Dinkins had originally sponsored a version of this bill, HB 722. This bill was replaced with the substitute bill, HB 746, on March 26, making the two bills a bill string. Dinkins then became a co-sponsor alongside Wilson. 

The bill would allow a $10 service fee to be collected by any individual who serves a summons, writ, subpoena, or other court order.

Under current law, the fee can only be collected when a summons or order is served by a sheriff. By allowing others who are appointed to provide this service to also collect the $10 fee, Dinkins said they can provide additional revenues to the Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplementation Fund (DSSSF).

The DSSSF program, which was created in 2008, consists of money collected from charges for service received by county sheriffs. The money in this fund can only be used to supplement the salaries and employee benefits of county deputy sheriffs.

“Our deputy sheriffs are putting their lives on the line every day, and in return, they receive salaries that are far too little compensation for that sacrifice and the services they provide our communities,” said Dinkins. “By putting more money into the salary supplementation fund, we can boost the pay of deputies who are making less than $30,000 annually, and show the men and women serving in law enforcement that we support them and value what they do to keep us safe.”

HB 746 & 722 has been sent to the Missouri Senate for consideration, and if given approval, will then head to the governor’s desk to become law. If that happens, the legislation would take effect on Aug. 28. 

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