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Fire dept. hosts barbecue today

The Big River Fire Department will host a barbecue today to help raise money to go toward their grant match funds.  

The Big River/Bonne Terre Fire Department is hosting a barbecue fundraiser Saturday at the Big River Firehouse at J.W. Fields Memorial Dr. to raise money for their grant match.

Big River/Bonne Terre Fire Department Chad Brenneke said they will be serving barbecue plates from noon to 5 p.m. and will have several plate options, including pork steaks, hamburgers, pulled pork and pulled pork nachos. Plates range from $5-8 and include two sides, with a choice of slaw, baked beans or fries.

“We are holding the barbecue to help raise money for our match funds,” Brenneke said. “We received two federal grants and we have to raise so much for the match. We will also raffle off a Savage XP 243 youth model scope. The tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 and the winner will be drawn after the barbecue fundraiser.”

Brenneke added they will also do deliveries for a donation within a five radius of the fire station.

Big River/Bonne Terre Fire Chief Dave Pratte said they were able to get grants for their air packs, washer and dryer, and turnout gear.

“We have several grants we have to make sure we can get paid for them as we get them in,” Pratte said. “There is a total cost between the city and the rural will be right at $30,000 for the match funds. As we get time we will have other fundraisers to help raise the money too.”

Pratte said during the barbecue they will have a 50/50 raffle to help raise a little more throughout the day. He added they are still having meetings with the other fire departments about the air packs and will have a bid opening on Monday.

“We will still looking at the bids and the process,” Pratte said. “There is a long process to separate all of this money to figure out who is buying what, but they will all be the same brand name. The interoperability of that is when we go from scene to scene in different communities, they will all be compatible.”

Pratte said their goal is everyone in the communities to be on the same page and operating the same equipment. He explained he piece costs a certain price and they have to figure what all they will be able to buy.

“We appreciate the support of each and every person who comes out there to get barbecue and to support the fire department,” Pratte said. “It is important to keep us moving forward and as a reminder, fall is coming, so watch your open burning, and check your flues, stoves and furnaces.”

To place an order for barbecue delivery within five miles of the firehouse or to find how to donate call the Big River/Bonne Terre Firehouse at 573-358-2737.

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