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Commission approves road and bridge bids
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Commission approves road and bridge bids

County Commission

Superintendent of Road and Bridge Clay Copeland asks the St. Francois County Commission to approve the annual bids for supplies for his department.

Road and Bridge bids were recently approved by the St. Francois County Commission.

Highway Administrator John Gross asked the commission last month to approve the bid process for road paving for the year.

“We would like to bid out our overlay projects for the year,” he said. “We have approximately 24 miles of road and we have budgeted $1.45 million for these roads. There is about 14 miles of road in district two and about 10 miles in district one.”

Associate Commissioner Gay Wilkinson added, “Because we are bidding them doesn’t necessarily mean that we are going to award them.”

“No,” Gross said. “We will award these as they are prepared and they are ready.”

In other business, Superintendent of Road and Bridge Clay Copeland asked the commission to approve the annual bids for supplies for his department.

“We received our annual bids, they were opened last Tuesday,” he said during a March meeting. “We have recommendations on which bids to award.”

Copeland went through the bids in each category and explained the reasons behind how the bids were awarded.

AutoTire and Parts-NAPA was the only bid received for batteries.

Bauman Oil was the lowest bid on diesel fuel and gasoline.

Missouri Petroleum was the only bid for road oil.

There were three bidders for asphalt and Copeland recommended awarding the contracts to all three companies.

“One is from Fred Weber which is in Festus which is the only place that can receive a certain asphalt product that is called ‘easy street’ that we use for potholing,” he said. “We’ve also received a bid from Leadbelt Materials and Mineral Area Asphalt.

“These two asphalt plants, we would request that they both be awarded as … whichever plant we are closest to because the prices are very similar, and whichever plant has it available for that day is who we would go with.”

Presiding Commissioner Harold Gallaher asked, “Do these asphalt prices have a rider about the oil prices?”

“They do fluctuate,” Copeland said. “The bids that they give us now is what the oil index is currently. They will change as oil index prices change and it changes once a month and there’s a MoDOT index we can look at. The price that we have right now may not be the price we pay throughout the year. The same way with fuel. The fuel fluctuates as well.”

Copeland also recommended multiple vendors for tires for trucks and equipment.

“For our tires, this is a bid that we fine-tuned that we are going to award certain tires to certain vendors in an effort to save money,” he said. “For our rear-drive truck tires, the lowest bid was Purcell Tire for our drive tires only for our dump trucks.

"Our grader tires and our front flotation steer tires, we would like to go with Ron’s Tire. For the rest of our tires and our road service and all our vehicle tires, BestDrive Commercial Tire Center in Farmington.”

Gallaher noted that Ron’s Tire is closed due to a recent fire.

“They are,” Copeland said. “Ron’s currently has our tire bid for 2019. He has been in contact with our mechanics and said he’s up and running and can provide anything we need.”

Copeland explained that Politte Redi Mix was the lowest of two bids on concrete.

“The price from AAA-Zoellner per yard is cheaper on the bid, but they charge a hauling fee,” he clarified. “With Politte, that hauling fee is added into their price.”

Waterworks Specialties had the only bid for the high density plastic doublewall pipe culverts and Contech had the only bid for metal culverts.

The lowest bid for salt was at $77.50 per ton from Oakley. Copeland added that other entities buy salt from the county.

“Through the efforts of the commission to provide it to the school districts and the college and the municipalities, they purchase it from us throughout the winter and we charge them the price we pay for it,” he said.

Copeland recommended buying rock and aggregate from all of the quarries in the county as all were very similar in price. The county would buy from the quarry closest to the project.

With several types of oil and grease products that the county consumes, Copeland recommended that the bid be awarded to only one company.

“For our lubricants, this was one that we reviewed extensively,” he said. “…Overall, our cheapest route to go was Home Service Oil Company. We don’t really want to split all these oils up. We want to have it consolidated with one company.”

Mark Marberry is a reporter for the Farmington Press and Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3629, or at


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