The Missouri Ethics Commission found that new St. Francois County Recorder of Deeds Jay Graf committed a violation of campaign finance laws during the 2018 election. 

In a consent order signed on March 27 by Missouri Ethics Commission Chair Don Summers, Graf was ordered to pay $300 within 45 days. If not paid within 45 days or if he commits any further violation against the campaign finance laws within a two-year period then Graf must pay the full $3,000 fee. 

The commission found that Graf made three purchases totaling $1,571.10 from his personal funds in support of his candidacy between Aug. 8 and Sept. 2. He did not register a candidate committee with the Missouri Ethics Commission for his candidacy in the November 2018 election. He did not establish or maintain an official depository account in the name of a committee. 

It also alleges he made 16 in-kind contributions between Aug. 8 and Oct. 15 totaling $5,799.09 from his personal funds in support of his candidacy. He did not file the October quarterly report or the 8 Day Before General Election Report in 2018. 

It alleges he made 16 campaign purchases totaling $5,799.09 from a personal account. He utilized his personal vehicle for campaign-related business from Aug. 28 to Nov. 6, which he recorded had a value of $1,200. He failed to report these purchases and the "$1,200 in personal vehicle use as in-kind contributions."

According to the commission, a committee is "a person or any combination of persons who accepts contributions or makes expenditures for the primary or incidental purpose of influencing or attempting to influence the action of voters for or against the nomination or election to public office or one or more candidates." Every committee must have an official fund depository account in the name of the committee. The committee must report receipts for each reporting period. 

Graf defeated long-time Recorder of Deeds Steve Grider. 

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