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Judge signs off on agreement

County officials and organizers of the Cosmic Reunion have come to an agreement for the event to be held this weekend. 

Renee Bronaugh, Daily Journal

Circuit Court Judge Sandy Martinez signed off on an agreement between the county and the Cosmic Reunion organizers Tuesday morning which will allow the show to go on.

St. Francois County Prosecutor Jerrod Mahurin said the injunction was signed as an agreement.

“However, it allows for the event to take place and basically that is what the county wanted by asking me to file,” said Mahurin. “It will bring her (Sheena Cox) up to the standards that are required for anyone to have an event like this.”

Mahurin said they were able to accomplish that by an agreement with Cox and her attorney. He added she has agreed to a lot of the restrictions that the commissioners needed to keep it fair for everybody across the county.

“One of the things that was a concern was to bring the noise level down at certain hours, which they agreed to,” explained Mahurin. “Everybody was I think happy with what we were able to achieve with that. Some of the other things were for health and safety regulations and those things are going to be complied with.”

Mahurin said the injunction was something the county obviously had to file to get everything moving. He said it was never about shutting the event down completely, it was just about bringing it into compliance.

“That is what we did here today, so we are very happy the judge signed off on it and if there is anything in the future, we certainly hope we don’t have to file anything against anyone for those types of things,” said Mahurin. “If we do, then it’s just about bringing them into compliance like we did here.”

He said it was initially difficult to determine who was involved in organizing the event. One of the initial respondents has been dismissed from the case. 

“Once Mr. Robertson entered his appearance, we were able to discern that it was Cosmic Reunion that was the sole entity and Sheena Cox was part of that,” said Mahurin. “Everyone else may have been on the fringe of the operation, but didn’t actually have anything to do with the event itself.”

“One of the things we addressed, with that amount of people, we wanted to make sure there is security provided,” said Mahurin. “Obviously we hope this is a very peaceful event, but if something were to come up, with that amount of people, it’s hard for law enforcement to get there being the north end of the county.”

Mahurin added organizers do have a private security team that is being provided and that was in the injunction. Also they do have a private medical team and they also agreed if something should occur outside of what they have available, they will contact law enforcement or medical by calling 911 and they will allow them to come in and assist in any way possible.

“I know there were a lot of people concerned about the commission filing this and we certainly understand that," said Mahurin. “Again, I think people may have had a misinterpretation that this was about shutting the big event down. It was not for that purpose, it was about bringing everybody in compliance.”

Cox was unavailable for comment as of press time.

The event features more than 20 other live bands, theatrical performers, camping, Missouri’s largest outdoor permanent stage, 230-plus acres to explore, caves, creek, hiking trails, yoga, workshops, crafts, and local culinary favorites.

The Steve Miller Band will be the featured performer.

One of the artists featured for this year’s Cosmic Reunion will be Steve Kimock. He will be performing Sunday evening at 5 p.m. on the main stage and a few other times with other musicians over the weekend.

Kimock is one of the premiere improvisational guitarists of his generation. He’s played with all the living members of the Grateful Dead, Kaukonen, Parliament/Funkadelic co-founder Bernie Worrell and more.

“I've been asked after being on the road for 40 years, how do I get up in the morning and still do this,” said Kimock. “It’s stuff like this exactly, community, gathering, musicians from all over the place, music in the air, outside, that whole setup is such a good vibe.”

Kimock said he thinks it’s just a natural part of human interaction to gather and enjoy everybody’s company, music and the outdoors.

His band KIMOCK – with Bobby Vega on bass, John Morgan Kimock on drums, Leslie Mendelson on vocals and various instruments – has announced the release of two singles (and the complete album will be released in the fall). The first stop on his tour is the Cosmic Reunion.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or



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