There will be light on West County’s baseball field, thanks to the generosity of a few local businesses.

This group of businesses has come together to make it possible for the West County School District to budget, plan, and install new lights on the high school baseball field.

Laura Kifel and John Province, with Ameren, worked with former West County Superintendent Stacy Stevens at the onset of planning this project as a way for the school to install the much-needed lighting system at the lowest possible cost.

According to the district’s new superintendent, Dr. Kevin Coffman, it was at that time when Ameren reached out to one of its contractors, JF Electric of Farmington, to see if they could assist with the project. Thankfully, JF Electric saw the need and responded by donating the equipment, time and labor for the drilling of holes for the poles on which the lights will be installed.

The district purchased the lights with the help of Brian Brader, lighting consultant with Simply Bright Ideas based in St. Louis. He also worked with the district on the logistics of placement of the poles and donated his time to help with making this project possible.

West County’s maintenance department, led by Larry Webb and assisted by John Kinnard, have worked on completing the electrical portion and preparation of the poles for the project.

On Monday, Webb and Kinnard worked to assemble the six poles, which come in two pieces, while JF Electric rock crew members Michael Bergelsmeyer, foreman, and Jeff Lawson, groundsman, began drilling holes into solid rock where the poles will be placed.

Webb hoped the holes will be drilled by Tuesday and poles set by today or Monday at the latest. A local utility company will assist in the project by using their crane onsite to set the poles in the ground. Once this process is completed, power will then be turned on for the poles.

“This project and the way it has been completed will save the district approximately $30,000 over just a straight bid process,” said Coffman.

The district is grateful for this community support in the much-needed addition of lighting to the district’s baseball field.

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