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While the Wind Chill Advisory issued Friday by the National Weather Service ends at noon today, that doesn’t mean the Parkland is out of the woods when dealing with seasonably cold temperatures.

NWS is forecasting that highs through Friday won’t rise out of the 20s and the lows are going to range from the single digits to low double digits. Highs won’t edge into the 30s until Saturday. Then, highs for the following week will remain in the 30s, with lows dipping into the 20s.

Sunday will bring a 70 percent chance of rain, so it’s a good thing that highs in the region are expected to remain above freezing — and the rest of the week is forecast to be dry with little chance of any precipitation anticipated through the period.

Don’t expect highs in the 50s until sometime around the middle of January — and then for only a brief period until temperatures dip back into the 30s and 40s for the remainder of the month.

Of course, this is Missouri we’re talking about and weather conditions can turn on a dime. While it appears the dry weather pattern will remain in the region through the end of the month, there will be brief times here and there when southeast Missouri may see a dusting of snow or a little bit of ice.

The best advice for Parkland residents is to bundle up before heading outdoors and, if possible, stay indoors at times of extreme cold. In cases where working outside is a necessity, don't overstrain yourself. Check on the elderly to make sure they are warm. Also, when traveling, make sure you have packed blankets and warm clothing.

Due to the cold temps this morning, officials at North County and Richwoods school districts decided to cancel school today. Other schools are still closed for Christmas break. 

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