Madison County Officials sworn in

Associate Circuit Judge Rob Fulton swears into office, from left, Presiding Commissioner Jason Green, Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Robbins, County Clerk Don Firebaugh, Treasurer Nadean Rice, Recorder of Deeds Saundra Ivison and Circuit Clerk Tenia Hermann.

The new year brought with a few new faces in the Madison County Courthouse. Recorder of Deeds Saundra Ivison, Circuit Clerk Tenia Hermann and Presiding Commissioner Jason Green spent the last week adjusting to their new elected roles.

"It has been a great first week," Hermann said. "I am looking forward to many more."

Green said he has enjoyed speaking with members of the community about their concerns and looks forward to his new commissioners training in February.

"It has been well and has been easy going getting started," Green said. "I'm looking forward to getting settled into the office and to learn the ropes."

While everyone is adjusting to their new positions the environment is one of positivity and support.

"I am receiving helpful instruction from several areas, such as the software company for recording deeds, recorders in other counties and other folks that are giving me guidance," Ivison said. 

Hermann said the staff has been great and very helpful as they are all learning as a team.

Even though their journeys as elected officials has just began, they are not wasting time as all three look to the future and begin making plans.

Green said his hopes are to make the commissioners office more accessible through having agendas and minutes easily and quickly available online. He said he hopes to put in more efficient controls.

"I know in some counties you can get online and see the agendas, see the minutes for the meetings," Green said. "I know with the newspaper you get to see them sometimes two weeks later but I would like to be more informative and have what goes on in meetings be a little more accessible and quicker."

Green said he plans to look into companies that can help with that. 

"I plan to have staff cross-trained in all areas to better assist the residents of Madison County," Hermann said. "I am looking forward to new challenges and improvements."

Ivison said she plans to keep the computer system up to date and will continue to learn and grow with the position.

"Since it is an audit year, I will be learning what information the auditor needs and how it needs to be presented," Ivison said. "I am looking forward to getting settled in the position and to serving the people of Madison County."

Other officials also sworn in on Dec. 31 at the Madison County Courthouse included Associate Circuit Judge Rob Fulton, Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Robbins, County Clerk Don Firebaugh and Treasurer Nadean Rice. For these officials it was business as usual as they prepared for the new year as they did in years past. 

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Victoria Kemper is a reporter for the Daily Journal. She can be reached at 573-783-3366 or at vkemper@democratnewsonline.com


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