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An area man is being charged with several felonies after he allegedly stabbed a teen during what police believe to be a drug deal gone wrong.

Travis Lee Jones, 23, of Ste. Genevieve, is being charged with a class A felony of assault in the first degree, felony armed criminal action, a class B felony of attempt to distribute controlled substance, and a class D felony of possession of controlled substance.

According to a probable cause statement, on Sunday at 10:58 p.m. officers with the Ste. Genevieve Police department were called to the 300 block of Mary Rd. for a disturbance and the caller advised someone had been stabbed.

The officer reported that when he arrived he spoke with a woman who said Jones had assaulted and stabbed her 15-year-old son with a knife. She told the officer that Jones lived in the house they were in front of and that one of his friends was also in the house.

The report said there was another woman standing outside and this woman said she, the victim and some other people were supposed to meet with Jones at the Dave Pinkley Memorial Park off Lahaye Street to purchase marijuana.

The woman also told the officer that she and the teen believed they were only meeting Jones at the park, but when they arrived at the park they noticed Jones was on the back of a scooter with his friend.

The woman said she and the teen kept driving because they thought they were just meeting Jones. She added Jones and his friend followed them on the scooter until they parked at Perre Marquette Park.

She said when they parked in a spot near Little Rock Road, Jones and his friend, stopped next to her vehicle. She said Jones opened the door and slapped the boy three times in his face and then pulled him out of the vehicle. The woman added Jones jumped on top of the teen and started to fight him.

The woman said the other passengers in the vehicle jumped out and tried to pull Jones off the boy. Jones’ friend started fighting the people who jumped out of the car to help and eventually Jones was pulled off the boy by other unidentified passengers in the vehicle.

She explained the incident happened so fast that she wasn’t sure when Jones pulled the knife. The woman said she just remembered seeing Jones holding a small black knife, swinging it in the air and stabbing the teen with it during the fight.

She also told the officer she knew Jones had two pounds of marijuana in his house because he had just picked it up. The officer reported she told him that Jones hides it under his bed and that he also sells ice and has paraphernalia hidden in the house.

The officer knocked on the door in an attempt to make contact with Jones and his friend who were allegedly inside. They both came out of the house and sat on the porch. The officer checked them both for weapons and nothing was found.

The officer noted that when they opened the door, a very strong smell of unburned marijuana came from the home. Jones told the officer he had just smoked a joint to calm down and that was what they were smelling.

When the officer asked about the assault, Jones said he wasn’t involved in an assault with a knife. He said he was jumped at the park and had to use a stick to defend himself from five or six people. The officer reported that after further investigation it appeared that Jones had agreed to meet the woman to sell her some marijuana at the park.

Jones said he didn’t want to go alone so he brought his friend with him and when they arrived the teen got out of the car and tried to rob him of his property. Jones said multiple people jumped out of the vehicle and jumped him and he was pretty scared.

Jones’ friend said he drove Jones on his scooter because he didn’t have a license. He said a knife was never used. The friend said his girlfriend and pregnant daughter were inside the house sleeping and he had been there most of the evening with them.

When the officer asked Jones’ friend about the assault he said he didn’t have any more information than what Jones gave him. The officer went in Jones’ house to clear everyone from the home and they found a woman and her infant hiding in between a bed and an outer wall of a bedroom on the second floor.

The woman and her baby were escorted from the home to where Jones and his friend were located. After further discussion with Jones he verbally granted permission to search and said he had marijuana inside for personal use which he surrendered to the officers. Officers were unable to locate the knife used in the assault.

The teen’s mom informed the officers her son was at Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital for treatment. He sent his mom pictures of his wounds and the officer noted the injuries appeared to be from a knife. A detective went to the hospital to talk with the boy.

Jones was placed under arrest and taken to the county jail.

When the officer arrived at the hospital, he noted several cuts on the teen’s upper body, face and neck. The detective took photos of the injuries and the hospital staff informed them they were consistent with knife wounds.

The teen told the officer and detective that when they arrived at the park Jones pulled him out of the vehicle and started to fight him. He said when others in the car jumped out to pull Jones off of him that was when Jones pulled the knife and cut him with it.

The teen said Jones held the knife to his neck and said “I’m going to ... kill you." However, the teen later admitted to the detective they were meeting up with Jones to rob him.

Another officer reported that Jones allowed him to enter his home and Jones took the officer to his bedroom where he had a key hidden. The key was to the safe downstairs and Jones told the officer the marijuana was in the safe. The officer found 280 grams of marijuana in the safe.

After Jones was read his Miranda Rights, he agreed to speak with the officer and answer any questions. Jones said he received a text from the woman asking to buy one gram of weed. He said they were to meet at the park and when she drove by with a vehicle full of people, he left.

Jones said he left and the vehicle followed him to the other park. He said he parked and the woman parked next to him. Jones said a kid got out of the vehicle and approached him, pushed him and tried to fight him.

Jones said next thing he knew he was surrounded by five or six people trying to fight him and that he was very frightened they were going to hurt him. Jones said the teen punched him in the face and threw him on the ground injuring his shoulder.

He added he was able to gain control of the teen by pinning him on the ground and pushing his face into the dirt to keep him from attacking him. Jones said he pulled out a pocket knife and stuck it against the teen’s ribs, telling everyone “this is done, we are done.”

Jones said he didn’t cut the teen’s shoulder or hold the knife to his throat and that he had no idea how he suffered injuries to his shoulder and neck. Jones said he slowly backed away and it was all over.

The officer reported that it was unknown what roles Jones’ friend played in the altercation. The officer also noted that Jones had injuries to his face, right shoulder and lower jaw. Jones also said the knife was hidden in the house and that he hid it because he was scared.

Jones was being held in the Ste. Genevieve County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

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