A Bismarck man has been charged with domestic assault.

Ethan Skaggs, 20, of Bismarck, has been charged with felony domestic assault in the second degree, felony domestic assault in the third degree, misdemeanor kidnapping in the third degree, misdemeanor making a false police report, and misdemeanor domestic assault in the fourth degree. He posted a $50,000 bond. 

According to the probable cause statement from Officer Joe Ulozas, on March 25 the officer was dispatched to a Spruce Street residence in response to a fight. On his arrival, Ulozas was provided a report from Skaggs who stated that his cousin, his fiancé, and several other people had attacked him.

The report states that Officer Ulozas determined Skaggs’ claim of being attacked was a false report as he had no marks or injuries on his body, which is inconsistent with being attacked by a group of people.

Officer Ulozas then interviewed Skaggs’ fiancé and upon examination noticed that she had marks on her neck, chest, and arms. The woman stated the marks had come from Skaggs during an altercation at his apartment.

The court document states that the woman continued to tell Ulozas that in January, Skaggs threw her several times against a dresser, threw her on the floor, and also pulled her hair. She also reported that Skaggs had choked her twice on that January day to the point that she could not breathe and thought she was going to die.

The woman continued by stating that later that January night, Skaggs came into the bedroom and asked her about wanting to die. She stated that Skaggs took a pillow and put it over her head and told her he could make it happen by shooting her in the head.

The woman told Ulozas that during the three months she lived with Skaggs she was forced to drop out of school, and not allowed to have contact with anyone unless Skaggs was present, including her mother.

The woman reported that when she tried to gather her things, Skaggs came into the bedroom, closing and locking the door and not allowing her to leave. The woman said she would continually try to leave Skaggs, but each time he would stop her and she was scared for her life.

Skaggs also has other pending charges from the same time period for misdemeanor trespass, and misdemeanor stealing from the March 25 incident, and misdemeanor peace disturbance from February and felony stealing of $750 or more from November.

Skaggs was being held on a $2,500 bond from the November incident and had just been released from the St. Francois County Jail on March 18, which according to that probable cause statement from Farmington Police Department, Skaggs entered Walmart Supercenter in Farmington through the grocery side doors and went to the electronics department. According to that report, Skaggs put a television in the cart and then made his way through ladies apparel where he removed the security device from the television and then pushed the television out the front doors of the store. According to the document, the television was a 55-inch Samsung flat screen valued at $1,098.  

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