A Bonne Terre man has been charged with trafficking drugs and several other offenses following a September vehicle accident.

Jacob Demay, 25, of Bonne Terre, is charged with felony trafficking of drugs, three counts of felony delivery of a controlled substance, one count of felony possession of a controlled substance, operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner involving an accident, DWI, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

A warrant for Demay’s arrest was issued on March 15 with bond set at $25,000. Demay is currently in custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections on a 12 year sentence for manufacture of a controlled substance. 

According to a probable cause statement from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a trooper was dispatched to a vehicle accident on U.S. 67 near the Big River bridge in the northbound lanes near Weible Road.

According to the court document, the trooper observed a white Ford Escape against the cable barrier and a Chevrolet Cobalt on the northbound shoulder with extensive rear-end damage.

When the trooper arrived, the report states, he observed Officers Amy Brenneke and Jason Jakoubek of the Bonne Terre Police Department searching through two black backpacks.

According to the report, Officer Brenneke advised the trooper the suspect had a large amount of cash on him and that she had witnessed the man stuffing the backpacks full of stuff as he was getting out of the Escape following the accident. The driver of the vehicle, identified as Demay, was already inside an ambulance when the trooper arrived.

According to the report Demay stated, “I hit a car and then hit the ditch. I’m not sure other than that.”

The trooper, while talking to Demay, noted that his pupils were dilated and that his speech was slurred to the point the trooper had to have him repeat himself several times. The trooper then asked Demay if he had been on any drugs, was medicated or had been drinking, which he denied.

According to the report, after having Demay complete field sobriety tests the trooper deemed he was likely intoxicated by drugs. Demay consented to a blood draw requested by the trooper.

The court document states that witnesses in the Cobalt told the trooper that Demay had hit them from behind while they were driving northbound on U.S. 67.

According to the report, while he consented to having a blood sample taken, Demay denied the trooper consent to search the two bags that were beside the back of the ambulance. At that time the trooper requested assistance from the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department, asking them to bring their K-9 unit to the scene.

When the deputy arrived with the K-9, the dog ‘alerted’ on both the vehicle and the bags, which then allowed the trooper probable cause to search them. The search revealed 36 grams of a white crystal substance, 112 grams of marijuana, 27 clonazepam pills (a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety), 28 alprazolam pills (another benzodiazepine), four oxycodone pills (a strong opiate analgesic), four Ecstasy pills, and $5,962 in cash. A search of the vehicle revealed a clear glass pipe containing a burnt residue and a digital scale.

According to the report, after being read his Miranda Rights, Demay stated that the white crystal substance was methamphetamine, some of the pills were oxycodone, Xanax, and ‘X’, but he wasn’t sure what the others were.

The trooper asked Demay if he had planned to sell the narcotics and he stated that he doesn’t sell, he only “trades”, but would not define to the trooper what “trade” meant.

All substances were sent to the crime lab for testing and the results were then forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

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