Man facing numerous felonies after victims come forward


A Farmington man is facing several more felony charges after multiple victims came forward since he was initially charged with statutory rape and molestation in February.

Mason Wolfe, 20, is being charged with two felonies of rape in the first degree, two felonies of sodomy in the first degree, a class D felony of rape in the second degree, a class D felony of sexual misconduct, two class E felonies of age misrepresentation with intent to solicit a minor, five class E felonies of sexual misconduct involving a child, and two class E felonies of harassment in the first degree.

According to the St. Francois County Prosecutor’s Office, multiple cases were tied together in order to lump all of the charges together into one case.

Prosecutor Jerrod Mahurin said once they received the original reports and filed charges, they were able to get more information that there could be other victims when speaking with their original victims and also with Wolfe.

“We realized there was a possibility there were other victims out there, so we started an investigation and the Farmington Police Department followed up and we were able to find more victims,” Mahurin said. “The way we were able to file it is that it looked like a common scheme or practice by the defendant.”

Mahurin said he was doing the same things with multiple victims and because it occurred in a short period of time and because it was a common scheme, that is how they were able to file it together.

“I would certainly expect that a defense attorney would file a motion to sever (the cases) at some point, however we intend to file a motion to join offenses with the other cases,” Mahurin said. “A lot of these victims know each other. It’s kind of a crossover relationship between themselves and between the defendant.”

Mahurin said the information will be corroborated by each one of them so that is why they are going to try and keep the cases together.

“There are ones where he used one girl to get to the other. Obviously we need both of those girls in one case, so there is no reason for us to file two cases, when we can do it all in one,” Mahurin explained. “It’s judicial economy for one. It’s also important because they tell each other’s stories and corroborate his practice.”

Mahurin added there are a couple of other cases that have not been filed yet. He said they still don’t have the complete electronic record from pictures or videos.

“So we are still waiting to get the report back that will give us anything else,” Mahurin said. “We still aren’t sure how many additional charges there will be right now. They will compile everything and have it labeled as 'image one' or 'video one' and it will have a description.”

Mahurin said they will charge each detailed image or video that violates the state law on those levels. He added an excess of 50 additional charges would not surprise him and it could be more or less, but he feels they are looking at multiple additional charges once they get the report back from Wolfe’s cellphone.

According to the probable cause statements, on Feb. 4 a girl less than 15 years old was interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center and she said she posted a picture of herself in a dress. She said Wolfe posted a comment telling her she was gorgeous.

The girl reported that at first she thought Wolfe was a 9th grader at Farmington High School. She said he asked if she wanted to send nude photos and if she wanted to see a picture of his private area. The girl said he sent the picture to her and continued asking if they could talk and for her to send pictures.

On Feb. 7, an officer interviewed Wolfe about the allegations of rape and sodomy. He admitted to having sexual intercourse with the girl, but stated it was consensual.

On Feb 13, the Farmington Police Department was contacted by a school counselor, who said there was a 20-year-old man soliciting some middle school girls to send nude pictures as well as have sex with him.

The counselor said one girl reported that several students from the Farmington Middle School had been communicating with Wolfe through Snapchat. The counselor advised the student told Wolfe she was 13 years old after he text her “Hey Sexy.” Wolfe responded saying he was only 15 years old and she should not be talking to him.

The girl reported that she started ignoring his messages from that point on and did not respond. She added that Wolfe invited her to his house to have sexual intercourse, but refused to go.

On Feb. 14, another girl less than 15 years old reported that during her 8th grade year she began speaking with Wolfe on Instagram. She said she also added him on Snapchat and talked to him through both apps and he asked her if she wanted to see his genitals. The girl said she did not and that he asked her to send nude pictures in response.

Another girl reported to the Farmington Police Department that on Jan. 19 at 5 p.m. that she was raped by Wolfe at his home on Columbia Street. She reported that he grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed.

She said Wolfe held her down, removed her clothes and had sexual intercourse without her consent. The girl said she kept telling Wolfe no, but he refused to listen to her. She said he also forced her to perform sexual activity and that she was visibly crying and she told him to stop.

On Feb. 16 at 11:38 a.m. an officer took a report from a girl who said that sometime in October 2017 Wolfe sent her a friend request on Instagram. She said Wolfe asked her out on dates several times, which she declined.

The girl said on Feb. 9 he began sending her messages on Instagram and at 8 a.m. Wolfe sent an unsolicited picture of his genitals. She said after the picture was sent Wolfe deleted it and that she confronted him through messages on Instagram telling him she didn’t appreciate him sending a picture.

The girl said Wolfe continued to send harassing messages, which she was able to provide the officer with printed copies of those messages.

On Feb. 17 at 3:35 p.m. another Farmington Police officer arrived at the station in reference to a sex offense. When he arrived, he met with a girl less than 14 years old and she reported that two weeks prior Wolfe added her to Snapchat.

She said Wolfe tried to convince her to meet with him so she could perform a sexual activity on him. She also said Wolfe sent her a picture of his genitals and asked if she liked it.

On Feb. 20 a girl reported that Wolfe “friended” her on Snapchat in October 2017 and he asked her to have sex with him. She said Wolfe offered to pay her $20 to have sex with him.

On Feb 20, another girl less than 15 years old reported she “friended” Wolfe on Snapchat and about Sept. 29, 2017 Wolfe asked her to send nude photos of herself. She added that Wolfe offered to pay her $100 and $300 for sexual activities.

On Feb. 22 another girl reported to the Farmington Police Department that Wolfe forced her to have sexual intercourse with him. She said Wolfe told her he was either 17 or 18 years old and requested to be friends on Snapchat.

She said Wolfe asked her to send nude photos of himself, but she refused. She also said she was invited to Wolfe’s home on West Columbia St. in Farmington on Dec. 10, 2017 to watch a movie.

She said Wolfe began pressuring her into having sex, but she told him she was not interested. He continued to pressure her and she eventually had sex with Wolfe in fear of what he would have done to her. She said she refused to perform the sexual act he was wanting, but she did have non-consensual sexual intercourse with him. She said it was very painful for her.

On Feb. 22, a teenage girl reported to the Farmington Police Department that Wolfe forced her to have sexual intercourse. She reported that sometime between August 2016 and October 2016, when she was less 15 years old, Wolfe sent inappropriate photos of himself.

The girl said she was invited to Wolfe’s home on North Washington St. in Farmington. While there Wolfe began talking about sex and she told him she was not interested, but he continued to pressure her and she kept telling him no.

She said Wolfe would kiss her to cover her mouth to keep her quiet. Wolfe removed the girl’s clothing and forced himself on her while holding her down so she was unable to get away. He also forced her to perform sexual acts.

On Feb. 26 another girl less than 15 years old reported that between March 2017 and April 2017 Wolfe sent her a nude photo of himself through Snapchat. She said he asked her through social media for her to send photos of herself to him. She also said that Wolfe propositioned her to have sex with him and in return he would purchase her a new cellphone.

Wolfe is being held in the St. Francois County Jail on his prior bond of $175,000 and now has an additional bond of $500,000.

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