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Double murder still under investigation

John and Diana Lewis were murdered at their rural home and the killer is still at large while detectives try to piece together what happened to the couple.

The double murder of a St. Francois County couple is still under investigation as detectives follow up on leads every day.

St. Francois County Sheriff Dan Bullock said deputies haven’t stopped working on the case since the bodies were discovered last Wednesday morning,” said Bullock. “It was apparent they had been there for at least week before we were called for a check the well-being on them.”

John L. Lewis, 50, and his wife Diana L. Lewis, 58, were discovered outside their rural home in northern St. Francois County off Dark Hollow Road in Blackwell.

“The sheriff’s deputies were called to the Lewis’ home to check on the well-being of John,” said Bullock. “He is a union electrician and according to the people who called us, his co-workers, he never missed work.”

Bullock said they were told that if John was sick or something he was always prompt about calling in and they hadn’t seen him for about a week.

“Officers checked the house and found the house open with the dog running in and out of the house,” said Bullock. “It didn’t look like it had been ransacked or anything was stolen that they could tell.”

Bullock said later in the day more officers were brought out to start doing a cursory search of the area around the house. That’s when they discovered a body of a man, later identified as John Lewis.

“Further search found the body of a female, later identified as Diana Lewis,” said Bullock. “Officers believed it to be a homicide and that they both had been murdered there at the residence. Detectives from my department were called to the scene and with further search they collected evidence.”

Bullock said the area was shut down around the property and the house. They began talking to people in the area to see if anyone had seen or heard anything.

“There were very few with it being such a remote area,” said Bullock. “They then started trying to contact family members. We had an autopsy performed on both of them the following day and it was determined that they both were murdered.”

Bullock said he believes detectives are done processing the Lewis’ house now and they are out following up on leads and talking with people who may know something.

“We do have some people they are looking at and some people they have been talking to,” said Bullock. “There are no arrests at this time or charges filed, but certainly hope that will be forthcoming.”

Anyone who has any information on the couple, or saw them earlier this month, and could help in the investigation are asked to contact the sheriff's department at 573-431-2777 or Central Dispatch at 573-431-3131.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or




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