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NC drama

The North County Drama Club will perform a Christmas-themed play this weekend and the public is invited to watch the heartwarming tale unfold.

The North County Drama Club will present a production that everyone can relate to this weekend with two performances.

The play “The Rented Christmas” will premier both Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Drama sponsor Kelly Gentry said they decided to do a Christmas play this time. She stressed it is a little later than normal, but they have had fun working on it.

“A man, John Dale, hasn’t had a Christmas with a family his whole life, so he decided to rent one,” Gentry said. “It’s a very heart-warming story and I don’t want to spoil anything, but at the end there is a surprise that is Hallmark movie-like.”

Gentry added everyone should come out to see the play and enjoy a heartwarming Christmas story for the holidays.

Senior Abrie Wideman plays Miss Anne Weston, a small business woman who doesn’t have a whole lot of money.

“She likes to help out at the orphanage because growing up she didn’t have a father herself and pretty much raised her own family,” Wideman said. “So she is really close with the orphanage and likes to help them the best way that she can.”

Wideman said throughout the entire play it is really just a story of Anne trying to make everyone happy, but also discovering a little bit of herself and what makes her happy, too.

“This will be my seventh play and I am super excited about it,” Wideman said. “It is a heartwarming romance and anyone who is a Hallmark fan out there will love it. I feel our play is really unique because we actually rewrote the ending and all helped out with that. We wanted to change the ending a little bit to make it a little more exciting and a little more ‘awe’.”

She stressed she is excited to put something up there that is going to be unique to the drama club and not exactly what anyone has seen before.

Drama Club Vice President Kai Zang, a junior, said her character is Bridget and she is the maid of the household. She said Bridget’s sister is the cook and they have worked for the Dales since Mr. Dale was a little kid.

“She has kind of been like a grandma figure for Mr. Dale and it is a very tight-knit type of household, even though Mr. Dale’s parents passed away,” Zang said. “I love this play and was super stressed out at the beginning and through the whole thing, because that is just who I am.”

Zang said she thinks the play is very heartwarming and nice and something very different from what she has ever done in the past at North County.

“Most of our plays have had a darker, dramatic vibe to them and this one is just really heartwarming and nice,” Zang said. “I have been in drama club since my freshman year and moved here at semester and have done the plays ever since.”

Senior Logan Gardner said his character is John Dale, who is basically a rich guy and while growing up had a very close relationship with his family.

“Usually the maids would take care of him and he just had a family,” Gardner said. “While in the course of him getting rich he didn’t have time for a family, because he was so busy with his work. He kind of missed out on finding true love.”

Gardner explained that his character rents a family for Christmas and through the children he discovers that nothing that is rented can fill his heart with joy permanently.

“You will have to come out to see the play to find out what happens in the end,” Gardner said. “This play had the rockiest start compared to any other play we have done, because it is the smallest cast we have ever had. It was really slow and I didn’t think we were going to be able to pull it together, but in the end we did.”

There will be two performances, Saturday evening at 7 p.m. and Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. in the North County auditorium. Doors open at 30 minutes prior to the performance. Cost is $5 for adults and $3 for students. Children 12 and under are free.

The cast includes:

Anne Weston - Abrie Wideman

Jimmy - Jake Wampler

John Dale - Logan Gardner

Bridget - Kai Zang

Martha - Breanna Hoffman

Jean - Sophie Murphy

Cynthia - Madison Freeman

Willie - Cooper Sago

Lettie - Aubrey Brewster

Mrs. Alice Lindsey - Alexis Allender

Fred - Ashton Rowland

Christmas Carolers:

Gavin Caby

Lucas Forney

Alyssa Gadberry

Abbey Inserra

Addy Reed

Machaelyn Stokes

Stage Manager - Skylar Forney

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