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The Cosmic Reunion CEO and Venue coordinator of Astral Valley spoke with the Daily Journal about the impending injunction that was discussed by the county prosecutor during the St. Francois County Commission meeting Tuesday morning.

The four-day event is scheduled a few weeks away on Memorial Day weekend and will feature an array of musicians, along with The Steve Miller Band as their headliner.

Astral Valley Owner and Cosmic Reunion CEO and Venue Coordinator Sheena Cox said this was the first she was hearing about any issues. She said she doesn’t quite understand why they would want to prevent Steve Miller from playing in St. Francois County.

“Why would anyone want to file an injunction against Steve Miller coming to town?” asked Cox. “The people I have talked to love it. They are excited. I believe everybody is really looking forward to this event.”

“There is all kinds of community involvement here with people getting involved and getting excited about this,” said Cox. “I didn’t know anything about this and I don’t know what to say really other than, I guess I would like to know why.”

Cox said if it’s noise, her closest neighbors say they can’t even hear it when they drive up. She added they don’t pollute, they recycle.

“We hired a local company to handle my trash and recycling,” said Cox. “We’re definitely not polluters, we actually pick up our road to keep it clean. We volunteered to pick up Koester Springs Road and pick up the trash on it.”

Cox said the commissioner wants it done twice a year and they do it at least six times a year. People throw trash out their windows. Cox said sometimes it seems like the job that never ends because they are always out there picking up trash.

“I know that a lot of our neighbors have complimented on how it looks a lot better since we started picking it up,” said Cox. “We definitely don’t pollute, we’ve adopted the road and we are clean. My trash company is Freedom Waste and Kenny owns it. He can vouch for how clean everything is down there and how much we recycle.”

Cox said as for drugs, she knows there is a problem with that all over the world, but they have a strict policy on no drugs.

“We pride ourselves as a family-friendly event and we have hundreds of kids and parents who bring their small children,” said Cox. “We set up an entire kid-friendly village right in main stage for them and we are definitely not promoting any sort of problematic things like that.”

Cox said she thinks that people who come to their events know they are very good for the community. She said they support local business, and people who do crafts and music.

“Really, it’s not much different than our county fair,” said Cox. “We are here for everybody to enjoy. That’s what we are doing.”

Cox said she didn’t think this was something that would be a problem because so many community members have been in such support of it.

“I would like to talk to whoever has the problem to see if we can work it out because obviously a lot of people are excited about this,” said Cox. “We just want to get along and work out things. We don’t want to have problems.”

Cox said hopefully as a community they can all come together and can all still enjoy the Steve Miller concert. 

They have sold several hundred tickets for the Cosmic Reunion Steve Miller show and Cox said there will definitely be a lot of sad people if they canceled the show.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or



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