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These children are having fun in the snow, building a construction supervisor to supervise their construction of an igloo in Ste. Genevieve County. 

Winter weather is finally upon us, and while the snow may be beautiful, it can result in dangerous conditions.

While there had been a handful of accidents Friday evening, especially after the winter storm got into full swing, Saturday's conditions seem a bit clearer.

According to 911 Director Alan Wells, all state highways in St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve Counties are cleared and safe to drive. Because the temperature has been sitting above freezing all day, these roads are expected to stay clear, he said.

Many secondary roads, such as county and city roads, are less certain.

“There’s a lot more of those,” Wells said, adding it takes time to get them all cleaned. But he says that crews have been on it, and will continue working on it throughout the day.

Todd Mecey, the Farmington fire chief, confirmed that Saturday's conditions seem to be better than Friday's.

“We had a few accidents yesterday,” he said early Saturday afternoon, “but there have been no additional accidents [in Farmington] today.”

Mecey suggests that anyone brave enough to venture out into the cold today remains cautious, though. While roads may be clear, sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas that are not able to be properly cleared are still slick and cause for concern.

“After the snow storm, when people start to get out, that’s when we start having more falls,” Mecey said.

And this isn’t a warning specifically for Farmington, but for everyone in the St. Francois County area.

Wells also warns to take precaution if leaving the house. Many of the county and city roads are still wet, and while they may not yet be icy, wet roads in this weather still pose a significant threat to drivers.

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