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Area law enforcement officers are still searching for a man wanted for a reported home invasion in Fredericktown on Tuesday night.

According to the Fredericktown Police Department, officers are seeking Glenn O. Frick. He is thought to be armed with a .357 magnum revolver pistol. He is described as 5 foot 11 inches tall and approximately 145 pounds, and was last seen wearing blue jeans and a blue hooded shirt.

Frick, 47, is considered to be dangerous and was last seen Wednesday morning in the wooded creek area behind Pense Brothers Drilling Co. 

Police responded to the area behind Pense Brothers Drilling Co. for a report of contact with Frick. Employees stated that he was spotted inside one of the company's vehicles on the back lot next to the creek. 

Employees said they spoke with him, asking if he needed any help. Frick responded saying the union is "trying to kill me," and then fled on foot toward the creek area and disappeared into the tree line. 

When officers arrived on the scene an AR 10 308-caliber rifle was seized from the vehicle.

In an effort to keep the community safe, the Fredericktown Police Department conducted extra patrols. Madison County Medical and the Fredericktown School District were placed on a community lockdown. 

"After receiving this new information, a phone call was made to our school district," Police Chief Eric Hovis said. "Superintendent (Reutzel) placed the schools on a community lockdown until further notice and while active searches of the area are being conducted."

"I spoke with Hovis this morning and since they had not found him (Frick) yet it was decided to go ahead with the lockdown," Superintendent Brett Reutzel confirmed. "It was for precautionary reasons."

Fredericktown Elementary School posted on their Facebook page that students were busy learning and having fun as they remained on lockdown and staff were maintaining a vigilant watch at the entryway. As they awaited word that the outside danger no longer exists they assured parents that there was no threat to the school but that keeping students inside was the best way to ensure their safety. The school administration thanked parents for their understanding and cooperation with the lockdown procedures.

Hovis assured the community that resource officers are placed at the schools every day and not just when a situation like this occurs.

Early in the search, Hovis told residents to lock their doors, stay calm and call 911 if they hear or see anything unusual on their property. On Wednesday he was formally charged with armed criminal action and first-degree burglary. Bond is set at $100,000 cash-only.

Hovis said that officers responded Tuesday evening to 317 College Street in Fredericktown for a report of an armed home invasion. The officers were informed that the alleged suspect had fled the scene. Frick was then positively identified by the victims before any safety bulletins were released. 

"I personally requested everyone to lock their homes and property while we conducted the area grid search," Hovis said. 

According to Hovis, family and friends of Frick stated that he was raised in Fredericktown and was familiar with the terrain.

Hovis said that they did have other emergency calls Tuesday night, around the same timeline, that dealt with armed suicidal individuals which led to some confusion on social media.

"On a positive note it is great to have a sheriff like Katy (McCutcheon) who comes out with us and helps when things get a little hectic," Hovis said. "Thanks Madison County Sheriff's Department for your support."

McCutcheon said that everything went smoothly other than Frick not being found.

"The Police Department is conducting searches and I have assigned officers to the school for transports and extra patrol so normal business can be conducted," Hovis said. "We are working with the family and close friends to locate Mr. Frick safely. Our community's safety is my top priority."

Family members have said Frick has acted differently since a fall that resulted in a head injury. Hovis has said he doesn't believe Frick intends to injure anyone but Frick thinks someone is after him. 

If you have any information on his location, contact your local police department or Fredericktown Police Department at 573-783-3660.

We will update the story as we receive additional information. 


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