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Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan began his role as Park Hills Community Development director early this month. Sullivan has previously worked as a building inspector in Fredericktown and Farmington.

Jacob Scott, Daily Journal

The City of Park Hills has welcomed a new Community Development director at City Hall.

Friday was Robert Sullivan’s first day in the new role, which City Administrator Mark McFarland said is a great fit for both Sullivan and the city. 

“We’re very happy to have him,” McFarland said. “He brings in a great deal of knowledge and experience that we have sorely needed here. I think it’s going to be a good marriage between us all.”

Sullivan said he has been doing building inspections since around 2000, working for other local cities like Fredericktown and most recently Farmington. Sullivan described the role of community development as overseeing all the stages of planning and zoning.

“We’re over all aspects of planning and zoning, which includes any type of development activity,” he said. “That’s bringing in new housing markets and all the way up to industrial developments or land separations, anything of that nature.”

Sullivan said the role goes beyond initial planning and development and gets into the nuts and bolts of construction as well.

“We get the building side of things also,” he said. “Building in those same developments — anything from a house, a shed or all the way up to a full-blown industrial building. We handle all aspects of that. Everything from land changes and all the way up to construction, eventually.”

Working in building inspection in the past, Sullivan said he had noticed the city’s needs and inquired about a position.

“I’m just down the road in Farmington,” Sullivan said. “And I go to church here in Park Hills so I’ve seen some needs myself just because I look at other communities when I’m in them out of habit.

“I made contact with the city of Park Hills and they had an open position, fortunately. I feel like I can do some great help to the City of Park Hills and they needed somebody, so I joined their team.”

The goals Sullivan has for his new role closely align with those of the expressed mission of McFarland and Mayor Daniel Naucke, being sustainable growth without the loss of the city’s identity.

“I would like to see more growth,” Sullivan said. “I’m sure everybody would like to see that. At the same time, we need to keep the feel that we have here— a small community feel but with big-city growth. That’s hard to accomplish sometimes and there’s a delicate balance there. With the team that we have here and everybody that I’ve met, I think we can accomplish that.

“I’m very happy to be here and if anybody needs anything, they can contact us here at city hall and we’ll be glad to help them out anyway we can.”

Jacob Scott is a reporter with the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616 or at


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