The couple who lived at 508 E. Capri in Terre Du Lac evacuated their burning house on Monday afternoon, and spent Tuesday — their fifth wedding anniversary — piecing together the basics of living while setting up camp at her father’s house up the road.

On Tuesday, Ronnie Lashley said his wife, Danielle, were scheduled for an immediate visit to the doctor, since the stress might be affecting her pregnancy.

“She’s high-risk now, and this extra stress isn’t needed,” he said. “She is pregnant with twins and she’s stressed, and chasing our other one (two-year-old Braxton) around. Anything that comes through that’s negative is not good.”

Ronnie and Danielle both indicated they’re hanging tough, though, and with the help of friends who have been plying them with clothing, they’ll get by. When asked if a GoFundMe account had been set up, Ronnie indicated they hadn’t really gotten that far and it might not be necessary.

Terre Du Lac Fire Chief Jonathan Moore said a fire broke out in the living area of the house’s fully-finished basement on Monday afternoon. While the fire was kept to the room in which it started, smoke had permeated the entire house. The basement is wiped out.

“It wasn’t terrible,” Moore said. “But the smoke damage is pretty extensive.”

Ronnie, Danielle and their son, Braxton, are camped out at her dad’s house nearby.

“Maybe we can get away and do something in Farmington,” Ronnie said about their anniversary. “We have a lot going on, a lot of people in and out, trying to help us out. We’ve had tons of calls. Everybody has helped out quite a bit, really, which has been great.”

Danielle indicated she was still processing the fire.

“It’s kind of crazy. Happened out of nowhere,” she said. “One day everything is fine, the next day we’re homeless.”

Danielle said since the fire was speculated to be electrical, the house was powered down.

“It’s uninhabitable right now, they turned off the electric,” she said. “The basement is completely gone, the upstairs has a lot of smoke damage, so it’s not livable right now.

“…I don’t know right now. My friends and family brought over some clothes, and the fire chief gave us some toothbrushes last night, so we have some hygiene stuff. We got Braxton some clothes, and we’ve had a lot of people reach out. We really appreciate that.”

Chief Moore said Big River/Bonne Terre, Irondale and Leadwood fire departments all responded to the blaze. St. Francois County Ambulance District also provided assistance.

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