The Terre Du Lac Police Department is attempting to apprehend two elusive goats that have reportedly been causing property damage in the Lac Shayne area of the lake development.

Police in Terre Du Lac has received several calls about the problem goats causing destruction to flower beds, gardens, lawns, and other parts of the area’s residential properties.

The goats have collars and are believed to belong to someone within the area. Police have made several attempts to catch the goats but are unable to get close enough to wrangle them.

As a result of several failed attempts to take the destructive goats into custody, the police department is asking for the possible owners or anyone with any information to come forward and help remedy the situation.

Terre Du Lac Police Chief Tim Cook said the goats will not let anyone near them. Police are looking for any help they can get to end the chase.

“I don't know if you've ever tried to catch a goat but it's well ... impossible,” Cook said. “They do have collars on with some type of tags but once again, we can't get close enough to read them…”

Anyone with any information as to the owners of the animals, as well as any other information that might be helpful, is urged to contact the Terre Du Lac Police Department at 573-358-5701.

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