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    DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been seeing someone casually for a few years. I stopped seeing him when I got into a serious relationship, but when that relationship ended, we began seeing each other casually again. Up until recently, we had never had a physically intimate relationship. Ever since we…

      DEAR HARRIETTE: One of my employees cannot take constructive criticism or own up to her mistakes at all, no matter how minor. She is a great employee, but every time I attempt to correct her on her mistakes, she gets defensive and argues with me. I am not sure if this is an ego problem or if…

        DEAR HARRIETTE: A friend of mine has been telling me for a while that she is losing her memory. I spent the weekend with her, and now I know what she means. She asked me the same questions over and over again. I would answer them, and a couple of hours later she would ask the same thing. It …

          DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been spending time with some new friends who are kind and generous. Whenever we go out, they pay for meals, which is nice because we are not rich and they are. They never make us feel any kind of way about it, either. What we do to show our appreciation is different. W…

            DEAR HARRIETTE: I spent time with some good friends I hadn't hung out with in years. Over the course of the weekend, we had some pretty serious conversations that were healing, in a way. We were able to talk about some things that had been on our chest, so to speak, but never resolved. Even …

              DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend and I ended up becoming roommates earlier this year. I was worried about living with her because I did not want to put a strain on our friendship by adding the roommate dynamic, but we haven't had many issues at all.

                DEAR HARRIETTE: One of my younger co-workers -- who has no authority or rank over me -- attempted to boss me around the other day. He told me to "get back to work and make better use of my time" while I was talking to another co-worker on my break. It was uncalled for, and he did it in front…

                It is settled law in Missouri that those seeking to amend the state constitution or law through the initiative petition process must wait a day after the general election to begin collecting signatures. What is uncertain, and what Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem will decide soon, is whether the secretary of state must conduct […]

                The post Missouri judge to decide when Jay Ashcroft must begin review of 2024 initiative petitions appeared first on Missouri Independent.

                A years-long fight over the Grain Belt Express high-voltage transmission line appeared to end earlier this year when lawmakers signed off on compromise legislation requiring future transmission lines to bring more benefit to Missouri.  It also required electrical transmission line developers to pay farmers more for easements to build future projects on their land.  Grain […]

                The post Missouri agriculture groups renew criticism of Grain Belt Express over new extension appeared first on Missouri Independent.

                A pair of polls in recent weeks found voters closely divided over the question of whether Missouri should legalize recreational marijuana use.  Meanwhile, a third poll expects legalization will cruise to a double-digit victory.  Five weeks before Election Day, despite public polling all over the place, proponents of the marijuana initiative petition — which will […]

                The post Scattershot polling leaves both sides of Missouri marijuana campaign optimistic appeared first on Missouri Independent.


                The St. Francois County Clerk’s office is looking at replacing voting equipment in the near future and is having an open meeting Wednesday at Election Central for a demonstration of a new voting system.

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