5 Days — Monday, December 27, 2010

Final fitting on my wedding dress. Or so I thought. After putting the dress on I realized it was still a little big in certain unmentionable areas. The seamstress put in a few more pins and voila it fit. Three of my bridesmaids also tried on their gowns, which was the exact shade of Sharpie Blue that I was hoping for. After a little discussion those three girls decided to save a little money and have my mother do their alterations.

Meanwhile, most of the guys are going today to try on their tuxes. Jared went to Cadet to pick up his brother and another groomsman, Tommy. While he was making this drive, Nathan (Jessica’s husband), called to say that he just stopped by the tux place and they informed him that the tuxes were not in, but should be in tomorrow. Jared, not knowing this because neither of us have a cell phone, continued on his long journey only to end it in disappointment.

As Jessica took the call from her husband, we were leaving the dress shop. With the little bit of Jess’s side of the conversation that I overheard, I was already beginning to worry. If Jared was slightly disappointed about the wasted trip, I took it a little harder. Jessica tried to assure me that everything would be fine. This was said as I stopped at a STOP LIGHT, that I apparently mistook for a STOP SIGN, and when a car had passed in the opposite direction, I realized it was my turn to go. Until, that is, Jessica screamed my name and threw her arm across my chest. I took the hint and stopped  but it was a near thing. I almost drove right into oncoming traffic. I was still upset when we made it back to work. I had spoken with the woman at the tux shop and she said they would be in. They weren’t, so I immediately started to panic that the tuxes wouldn’t be there in time, and if they were, there would  will not be able to altered them if they did not fit properly. Jessica called the shop and complained and the woman assured her we would have enough time.

Five days to go and already one disaster averted.

4 Days — Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today is nail day. Thera and I get our nails done together all the time and today is no different. We went to Evan’s as the norm but instead of getting the typical French manicure, I got something a little more special. Some little bejeweled snowflakes on my thumbs.

3 Days — Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jared and I went to pick up our license at the courthouse and from the moment it was in my hand I was emotional. I almost started crying as we left the courthouse. I kept repeating to myself that it was almost here. I also immediately started worrying that I would loose it, which is a story for a later day. We also went to get the rings cleaned for photos. Later that evening I also went to Deals to buy all the candy for the Candy Bar. I spent about $65 dollars on candy and the well loved dinner mints. I had 10 different kinds of candy from Lemon Heads and Red Hots to Gummy Bears and Licorice (Black and Red).

I also stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up silky black socks so Jared would not be wearing white sport socks with his tux. I also picked up a few finishing touches for the center pieces and a few more items of makeup just in case.

Instead of relaxing as I was told to do when I got home, I went through the mental list once again to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. I was. I wanted to present the attendant gifts and mother gifts at the rehearsal dinner the following night. I had all the gifts already stored and ready for delivery but I did not get them cards. So I ran back to the store and Jared and I spent the rest of the night filling out thank you cards. I also wrote a special letter to both my mother and his mother so once again the tears gathered in my eyes.

2 Days — Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decorating: This day started early for me with the alarm going off at 6:30 a.m. After hitting the snooze a couple of times I was up and ready to go by 7:30 a.m. We made it to my parent’s house, where some of the decorations were stored at a little after 8 a.m. Dad, the wonderful father that he is, hooked up a trailer to his truck and we loaded it. The trees for my winter wonderland theme took up the entire trailer and the truck was loaded with the sticks for my centerpieces. Once all was loaded at my parent’s place, we had to stop back by my place to get the rest of the decorations that were stored in my storage unit. After all was loaded we headed to Heritage Hall.

Getting all the decoration up two flights of stairs was absolute horror on the legs, but we managed. The next step was figuring out where everything was going to go. The first step was figuring out how many tables and chairs and where they were going to go. We also needed a table for the cake, wedding party, and food. We set up 14 round tables for guests with six chairs each and three rectangle tables for the wedding party. Setting up the Candy Bar was the next step and my particularly favorite With Jared and me, my mom and dad, my sister and her family and six friends all working together we finally got everything into place. It was absolutely beautiful. Just what I had imagined.

We also got started on the decoration at the church. We had to move the pulpit and the alter so that we could have greater access to the stage. But I wasn’t counting on actually being able to do any decorating until the next day so did not have all the decor needed to finish.

Rehearsal: As the parents began arriving with the wonderful smelling food and the table cloths being put into place, I realized Jared and I probably both smelled and needed to go change. While our parents and the attendants began arriving, we ran home and by the time we returned it was time to head to the church for our practice. As 7 o’clock rolled around, however, the preacher was still not there. We called him to remind him but meanwhile I had all these people waiting around getting hungry, myself included since I failed to remember to eat all day. The sound guy who was provided by the church was there so Thera did a sound check and sang her song, much to the delight of the group.

When the preacher arrived, we ran through the seating and order of events. We, or rather I, was already emotional and practically cried through the first run through. In the second run through, however, the nervous giggles came out.

1 Day — Friday, December 31, 2010

The day before the wedding, I allowed myself to sleep in a little with plans to meet Thera, Daniel, and Cody to finish decorating the church. I slept till about 9 a.m. and woke up in a panic because I had lost the wedding license. Exactly what I swore I was not going to let happen. Jared, who had not slept all night was finally peacefully sleeping. I called the dress shop and went almost immediately over there for the FINAL final fitting and the seamstress had to determine where to place the buttons for the bustle. After that was finished, I left there with plans to return in a couple of hours to pick up the dress and to have my mother taught how to put the train in the bustle.

On the way back home I stopped by work, with fingers crossed that Donn (the preacher) was here and that somehow, someway he had the license. My luck was holding firm when I pulled into the parking lot and his car was here. I rushed in and asked in a rush if he had it. He said of course he did that I had handed it to him MYSELF just the night before. Still to this day I have absolutely no memory of handing him the license.

Day before the wedding and another disaster averted.

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After packing up what was left of the decoration for the church I called my mother and she and I went back over the dress shop to finally pick up my wedding gown. She and I were both shown how to use the bustle, the dress was bagged and we were out the door less than 10 minutes later. We took the dress to the hall and met everyone else at the church. Thera, Daniel and Cody did most of the decorating because at this point I was out of creative juices and had no vision. As I watched them decide on what to do their words and actions inspired me and the finish product was everything I could have hoped for. We left there at about 9 p.m. and went back to my house to pick up my overnight bag because I was staying with them. I hurried to put everything I needed in my bag for the night and our suitcase for the honeymoon. When Jared showed up, for whatever reason, I took offense to some little thing he did and the water works were back on. I cried and rocked and cried some more on the toilet with soda in one hand and a brownie in the other for about half an hour until I finally calmed down enough to realize that what I thought he said, he didn’t. It’s a good thing I did stop crying though because I always have swollen eyes the next day if I cry for too long.

Day before the wedding and still another disaster averted.

Wedding Day — January 1, 2011

Waking up was easy to on this day, the minute my eyes opened I started worrying but I had my friends there to help me through the morning. Thera and Daniel both woke up super early to cook breakfast knowing that neither Thera nor I would find a spare minute the rest of the day to eat. They made my favorites, biscuits and gravy and bacon. Unfortunately the brand of gravy we bought the night before was disgusting. I ate maybe three pieces of bacon before it started to turn to chalk in my mouth. Not that it wasn’t delicious but I have never been one to eat while nervous. The next step in wedding preparations was Pepsi. I don’t drink coffee in the morning I drink Pepsi. I am not responsible for my actions if I do not drink my Pepsi in the morning. We stopped at a drive through to get my Pepsi. Guess what? They didn’t open till 10 a.m., because I decided to get married on a national holiday. Therefore I did not get my Pepsi before the 8 a.m. hair and makeup appointment. The day can only get better from here. Right?

Getting the hair completed was a practice in patience because of my lack of caffeine. Thankfully it was not as grueling a process as I was anticipating. Thera was getting her hair done at the same time as I was so there was no waiting for either of us. With my stylist, Darla, getting started at a little after 8 a.m. it only took about two hours for my waist length, super thick hair to be piled on top of my head with a tiara and my veil as accessories, 104 bobby pins securing it in place and wax to smooth out the fly-a-ways. Surprisingly Thera’s hair took about 10 minutes longer than mine and she just had curls hanging loose. Another of the ladies in the salon applied my makeup and did a beautiful job at it, if I do say so myself.

After leaving the salon at about 10:30 Thera and I were both starving and I was starting to feel the effects of no caffeine. We made a quick stop at the convenience store and at Thera’s house to pick up some last minute items then headed down the highway from Farmington to Bonne Terre. One more quick stop later at McDonald’s and we were both happy. Until that is we arrived at the Reception Hall and realized neither of us had a key and no one else was there yet. I knew that I had given the key to Nathan to give to his mother, the caterer, so I called Jess. Knowing Jared was at Nathan’s getting ready we called ahead and he came out to the car to give us the key. As he was walking away from the car he stopped, turned back and said, ‘You look really pretty, Lisa’, which almost had the water works starting up again, but I controlled myself. Crying would have totally ruined what I had just been complimented on.

Day of wedding and yet another disaster averted.

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Upon finally getting into the hall and eating my hamburger I had extra time on my hands. I filled this time with last minute touches on centerpieces, the Candy Bar, placing the dinner mints on the table and even some light sweeping.

The next thing I know it is time to begin getting ready. I get my dress on, mostly, and my mother looked in the bag for the corset lace on the back of my dress. It wasn’t there. The search ensued for the missing corset lace, although I can’t help for two very big reasons. One, my groom, who is already dressed and waiting in the hall for our First Look session with the photographer is right outside. And two, I am in the middle of a panic attack sitting in the bathroom on the closed toilet seat once again rocking myself back and forth trying not to let the tears flow.

Day of wedding and disaster has struck.

Meanwhile, on the men’s side of things, disaster had also been averted once and was eminent to strike again. When Jared got his tux out of the bag, that had been hanging in the same spot since the day before with all the other tuxes, his pants were completely wrinkled. Not the shirt. Not the jacket. Not any of the other tuxes. Just his pants. Nathan saved the day by throwing them into the dryer to get the wrinkles out. Disaster was still looming, however because the best man had yet to make an appearance. The plan was for all the men to meet at Nathan and Jessica’s house. Get dressed there and then go to the church. It was now about 2:30 and no sign of him yet. They did know that he was on his way. Just left actually. From DOE RUN! The wedding was scheduled to start at 3 o’clock on the dot. Jared informed everyone that they were not to tell me, considering I was already having a panic attack in the bathroom he did not want anyone to make it worse.

Back on my side of the fence, Thera’s sister who lives close by had run home and got her corset lace to use to put me in my dress just in case we couldn’t find it. Thankfully, though, someone on the catering staff knew the lady at the dress shop’s personal phone number and had called her. They met each other at the store to check and see if it was there and if not to get me another lace. It was. They hadn’t put it back in the bag after putting in the bustle and steam cleaning the dress.

I was given notice that the lace was in route but at this point it’s 2:30 and the guest at the wedding had been informed that there might be a delay in starting.

BIG disaster not totally averted, but quickly cleaned up.

As far as I knew everything else was running smoothly. I got into the dress and took a few photos with the photographer. Then it was time for the big reveal. Jared was waiting at the bottom of the stair case for me. The look on his face was worth every day of the past year, every minute of the last week and every second of the morning spent in stress, tears, nervous giggles and panic attack induced toilet seat rocking. From that point on most of the rest of the day was spent in absolute bliss.

Meanwhile, back at the church, the best man had finally shown up, at about five minute to three, hurriedly dressed and was waiting in the church basement with the other attendants when Jared and I arrived at the church.

Before I knew it we were being led upstairs. The parents were seated, the groomsman and bridesmaids walked down the aisle to Joe Satriani’s Sleepwalk. The snowflake girls were lead out sprinkling snow on the path to my future. The ring bearer, sans missing pillow, walked down with finger in mouth making no eye contact with anyone, went up onto the stage and was prompted by Donn to give the practiced bow. He did it splendidly. He then went and sat down with my Aunt Alice, walking right passed his grandma to do so. The doors were closed and John Hartley picked up his guitar to start the wedding march. As my father led me to the end of the aisle I giggled with nerves until making eye contact with my boss Dwight. Seeing the pride in his eyes was enough to cause me to switch from nervous giggles to a few tears. At that point I made eye contact with Jared and everything else just faded away.

The ceremony itself is still a little of a blur to me up until we were introduced. Donn, completely worried he would mess up our names, did. To the audience he announced us as husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Jared Malone. It did not however spoil the day but added a light hearted memory which I am sure Jared will never live down.

We exited the stage to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s, Pride and Joy and preceded with the reception line. As we left the building another disaster was avoided when I tripped on my way down the stairs only to be caught mid fall by my HUSBAND. We then rode away in our classic car, which was borrowed and driven by a friend of a friend. Thank you Chris for allowing us the use of your vehicle which was perfect and made for a beautiful get-a-way.

After a year of plotting, spending, shopping, and planning my dream wedding I am finally Mrs. Jared Pruitt. Despite hiccups throughout the week preceding and those that occurred on the wedding day, it was everything Jared and I could have hoped for.

Editor’s Note: Lisa Malone Pruitt has been providing a monthly column detailing her wedding plans. Everyone at the Daily Journal wishes her well in her new life.

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