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    Like most Americans watching the endless reality TV presidential campaign of Donald Trump, I've discovered the secret to Trump's success on the campaign stump. It has nothing to do at all with sterling qualifications, superior grasp of national security issues or stunning displays of logic. …

      Donald Trump is on his way to being an authority figure. Some feel he's already there. When nominated, he will have the mantle of authority that comes from being the standard-bearer of one of America's two major political parties.

        Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is defiant. While the Kentucky Democratic primary results were being counted, Sanders wasn't there. He was in Carson, California, addressing a huge rally. "Let me be as clear as I can be ... We are in 'til the last ballot is cast," he said, getting a thunderous ro…

          Remember those Road Runner cartoons, where no matter what dirty tricks Wile E. Coyote used to catch the Road Runner, he would always end up frustrated while the Road Runner went "beep beep" and rocketed away? Recently, we've seen Donald Trump acting like the Coyote and going after Hillary Cl…

            Right now, businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump has no Republican rivals except himself.

              Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had blowout victories in New York this week. Understandably, each exulted in their triumph. Clinton said, "The race for nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight."

              In connection with the partnership between Jefferson College and the St. Louis Astronomical Society (SLAS) to operate an observatory site on the Hillsboro campus, the College will host several public “Aim for the Stars” observation nights throughout 2023 for those of all ages who want to lea…

              Black Democrats in the Missouri Senate held the chamber for roughly three hours Wednesday as they condemned a Republican-sponsored bill targeting diversity training and race curriculum. The debate at times got heated, such as when Democratic Sen. Barbara Washington accused Republican Sen. Rick Brattin of disrespectfully interrupting her during discussion of the civil rights movement. […]

              The post Black Senators hold up Missouri GOP’s critical race theory legislation appeared first on Missouri Independent.

              The state Senate’s top leader delivered a stern warning Wednesday to the governor’s nominees for the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, saying lawmakers have “no confidence” in the transportation department’s leadership and that could stall plans for major highway investments. The warning came during the Senate Gubernatorial Appointments Committee hearing for Brian Treece, a former […]

              The post Missouri lawmakers warn lack of confidence in MoDOT could stall funding for major projects appeared first on Missouri Independent.

              Legislation to make it harder for voters to amend the state constitution through the initiative petition process won initial approval in the Missouri House on Wednesday.  After more than two hours of debate, the legislation sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tem Mike Henderson was approved 106-50. It will need to be approved one more time […]

              The post Missouri House gives initial approval to raising bar for voters to amend the constitution appeared first on Missouri Independent.


              Two area men face felony charges this week after allegedly forcing their way into a Madison County home Saturday armed with handguns and wearing ski masks. Police say one of the men fired a shot at the residence as they left. The two were later apprehended in St. Francois County.

              The annual Highway Administrator’s Report was given during the Jan. 24, St. Francois County Commission meeting by John Gross, highway administrator for the county’s road and bridge department. Much of his report centered on paving, striping, bridge construction and repair projects completed …

              The city of Farmington was one of 10 locations in the state recently awarded about $2.6 million by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to build electric vehicle charging stations. These projects will complete Missouri’s highway charging network plan under the Volkswagen Trust.

              The Park Hills City Council met in a special session Thursday evening, voting on a proposed tax of 3% on all marijuana sales within the city. Following a unanimous council vote, the sales tax will be presented to Park Hills voters for approval on the upcoming April ballot.

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