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Hey, ladies! Feeling old? Ugly? Overlooked? I have a guaranteed antidote for what ails you. It’s all a matter of shopping at the right store. I was there today, and BOY — do I feel great!

It’s Sunday afternoon. All is right with the world. The air is summery warm, the sky is dotted with fluffy clouds and the birds are singing.

“Leaves the color of Fruit Loops," my mother used to say. She'd sigh wistfully as we drove along Missouri highways each fall, filling her eyes with autumn's colors and filling the car with sighs of delight.

While you're giving thanks this week, take a moment to express your gratitude to the generous folks who are helping to receive and resettle Afghan refugees. They represent the very best of the American spirit: good-hearted and open-minded, a spirit that might flicker and fade in Washington, …

Remember when Joe Biden ran for president in what commentators called the "centrist" lane of the Democratic primaries? The idea was that a "moderate" like Biden, unlike rival Bernie Sanders, would not push radical plans to completely change American society. That would reassure non-progressi…

Isn’t it amazing how bad news most often comes at night? Those dreaded phone calls that make our stomachs churn. I got one of those on the night of Sunday, Oct. 24. A tornado had touched down in Fredericktown and hit the church where I pastor, Grace Church of the Heartland.

The news just reported that 1 in 500 Americans have died from the COVID virus. The Biden Administration is mandating the vaccine to “save lives”. By Expectative Order he is saying the Federal Government will take control of your healthcare decisions for the good of the many subjugating the f…

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