Governor Parson and First Lady Theresa Parson hosted a BBQ at “The People’s House” following adjournment on Monday evening. All who were invited were greeted graciously by the Governor and First Lady. They shook everyone’s hand and personally thanked everyone for coming.

Due to the rain, tents were set up on their lawn and table and chairs throughout the main floor of the Mansion. It was truly an honor to visit with them and to have the chance to mingle with all Representatives in a setting that they provided for us. Missouri is truly blessed to have Governor Parson and Mrs. Parson as the Governor of the State of Missouri.

To access the various events that the Governor Parson has attended or hosted, click on https://www.flickr.com/photos/141271541@N03/albums. Some of the photos on this site are Legislator BBQ, MO National Guard Swearing In, MRTA Teachers at the Capitol, Governor’s Faith Based and Community Service Partnership for Disaster Recovery.

To access the Governor’s Home Page, click https://governor.mo.gov/. Our Governor is totally a Governor for the People!

On Tuesday at the Capitol, I had the pleasure of meeting with students and their advisors from our district representing the JAG Program. JAG stands for Jobs for America’s Graduates. Jag is a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people who have serious barriers to graduation and/or employment. In more than three decades of operation, JAG has delivered consistent, compelling results – helping over one million young people stay in school through graduation, pursue postsecondary education and secure quality entry-level jobs leading to career advancement opportunities. A few (okay, many) years ago, when I was in the school system, I wrote and received for our school a grant to start a Jag Program in our district. It was a pleasure for me to see this program thriving and to meet with the JAG students from Farmington, West County and Bismarck. It is a great program for students, for parents and for our communities.

On Wednesday, in keeping with students and our future workforce, a Resolution was presented on the House Floor to the First Robotics group in our state. This will just be the beginning of future Robotics! A hearty Congratulations to these and all future students and a Thank You to the Teachers who are implementing these programs in our schools.

Bills of Interest

HB 942 will be a bill that will benefit small businesses. The House has passed this bill and the Senate committee has now taken up bill to help small businesses offer health insurance to their employees. Providing quality health insurance is often a fundamental part of efforts to retain good employees. Small companies are struggling with the rising costs of insurance. Current Missouri law prohibits multiple employer welfare arrangements from being publicly marketed, making them nearly impossible for small business to discover. These plans are cheaper than traditional plans as they allow small companies to combine their purchasing power. HB 942 will make these products available and let them be marketed to small business owners to help their employees. I believe that government must get out of the way and allow plans such as this to make it easier for small businesses to provide health insurance for their employees

HB 324 dealing with drones over correction facilities has now been rolled into Senate Committee Substitute for HB 113, an omnibus piece of legislation dealing with criminal reform. I am very happy that this bill that protects our correctional facilities, state mental health facilities and open air stadiums such as Busch stadium is now in a bill that contains many non-controversial pieces of legislation that when passed will positively impact the lives of the citizens of Missouri.

HB 604 the school turnaround act has now been through the House and Senate Committees and is waiting to get to the Senate floor. This bill is intended to add support to buildings that are struggling with student achievement. It takes the approach of not punishing a building but offering assistance that will help teachers and staff in these buildings that have been identified. By doing this it is the students that ultimately benefit.

To track the legislation that I have filed, click here. https://house.mo.gov/MemberDetails.aspx?year=2019&code=R&district=117

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