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Amendment 3
Letter to the Editor

Amendment 3

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The Clean Missouri Amendment passed by an almost 2-to-1 margin in 2018. The fair map and ethical reforms in Amendment 1 were supported by Republican, Independent, and Democratic reformers. Missourians said loud and clear that they were tired of dirty politics and gerrymandering that rigged elections so incumbent politicians could win and not be held accountable to the voters.

Now the GOP majority in the Missouri Legislature has decided that Missourians are stupid and didn’t understand what they were voting for. Their Dirty Missouri Plan — Amendment 3 — will be on your ballot November 3rd.

Amendment 3 seeks to undo the voter mandate for fair redistricting in Missouri and would allow maps to be rigged by lobbyists and insiders. The ballot language was drafted by lawyers and is deceptive and misleading. The language leads voters to believe that it would just return the state to a bi-partisan commission to draw the district maps; but the dirty details are that it would allow big money interests to determine district maps so politicians who are beholden to them stay in power.

The truth is that the politicians are trying to dupe us with their gerrymandering scheme. Don’t fall for it. Vote no on Amendment 3 and let the politicians know that we meant what we said when we overwhelmingly voted for Clean Missouri.

Janet Fossey



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