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Dear Editor,

I am 69 years old. I never got involved in politics, never gave a dime to any candidate, never put out a yard sign or went to a political meeting.

Things were going good for my middle class working family.

We lived in St. Charles County. No reason to get involved. We had good schools, well funded police and fire dept. good roads. Health service right down the street.

We decided to move to Iron county two years ago. Then President Trump got elected. I thought ok he will surround himself with good people things will work out.

However the people he put in positions are not qualified or their goal is to do away with the departments they are supposed run.

Regulations aren't all bad, some protect people. So the presidents big accomplishment was to get rid of regulations and cut taxes.

Now our Missouri governor wants to cut taxes. So less federal money to the state. Less money from the state for local services.

We are left holding the bag with poorly funded schools, police departments and poor roads. Good thing our fire department are volunteers.

Oh and we may lose our hospital unless we vote for a half cent sales tax.

Now, I get involved in politics because things are not looking very good for the place we call home.

Basic services are in jeopardy. So it's important to research issues and the candidates that represent us. At the very least we need to vote.

Edward Parker



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