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Carrying firearms
Letter to the Editor

Carrying firearms

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Wonder why SMTS transportation director Denny Ward, is against a individual that has a Permit/License to carry a firearm in Missouri open or concealed, that himself and non profit organizations would be against it, if it is passed and is the will of Missouri Residents. And Missouri last time, I checked and St. Francois County is very Pro-2nd amendment and many have Permit/license to carry.

Does Mr. Ward and SMTS, not understand, that a Permit Holder is on a database and have to keep it current under your local sheriff dept., that issues the permit. And that you are held to higher standard than the normal gun owner that carries their handgun. Since it seems Common Sense for someone that has a Permit to carry To Not Be Restricted in any areas, especially gun free zones, since it cost the permit/license holder money to have this, with a regular renewal and most do it for the safety of their family and community. Others might do it for themselves, but have to ask them.

This could be that Mr. Ward and SMTS forgets that most would feel safer if you had a person that is carrying a hand gun that had a permit/license. Seems to be that way with law enforcement and a badge. Since in my experience most that have these permits/licenses are military personnel either current and past. And if it is good enough for Washington DC, our military and other states, it should be good enough for SMTS and the executive board and all gun free zones.

Please submit this letter in your paper, since it is a point that is not made very much or explained. 


Paul Lodge



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