Child abuse
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Child abuse

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Child abuse is a very important issue, in America there are 6.6 million children abused per year. This is wrong we need to put a stop to it. 80% of children that are abuse suffer from some sort of mental disorder. In 2014 1,580 children died from abuse or neglect, are we going to let that continue to happen? Two-thirds of people in drug treatment for drug abuse reported to be abused or neglected as children. There are many things linked with child abuse such as drugs and alcohol, depression, suicide attempts. There are even multiple sexual issues linked to abuse such as: multiple sex partners, sexual transmitted diseases, adolescent pregnancy, early sexual activities. Between the ages of 1 to 12 are when a majority of children are abused. That’s 11 years of endless abuse. Sometimes even longer. We can not let people do this to children they are innocent and can not defend themselves. Child abuse affects multiple people it may even affect someone you know. 90 percent of abused children never tell, a lot of times these children get bullied at school as well as at home. No wonder depression is associated with abuse. Some children who died from abuse or neglect were already known to child protective services. Most children are abused by people they love and trust. Child abuse is a serious topic, people should take more time to think about abused children if (cps) would take care of children and if parents would care for their children suicide rates could possibly decrease. Drug rates could decrease, depression rates could decrease.

Katelyn DeClue,



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