The death penalty is not to cruel for the United States. The death penalty is not to harsh for criminals who deserve it. Criminals who have committed heinous crimes such as murder, rape, and other such crimes should have to pay for their crimes in the way of death. I do not believe that we should have to support cold blooded killers with our tax dollars when they deserve the death penalty.

We should give the death penalty not only to make a crucial pay for their crimes but to also give peace to mourning families of people who had to suffer form the person who did. If criminals know that if the commit certain crimes then they will be sentenced to death then it might deter them from doing it so the crime might go down.

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We should not incarcerate someone who deserves the death penalty because prisons cost the taxpayers 56 billion dollars. 30,000 dollars per person that we have to support when would could almost cut it in half if we would start to give the death penalty to people who deserved it. Every state that offers the death penalty also offers life without parole which means if someone gets life without parole instead of the death penalty it will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars annually. Me along with 62% of the American population agree that we should give the death penalty to people who deserve it while only 26% are opposed to it.

JT Reece,


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