There was a era in the MLB that was called the Steroid Era and this produced great players. The only thing is that those players used steroids, but some of those players before the steroids had enough talent anyways. Few of them had enough talent to make it to the Hall of Fame, but should those players that used the substance be able to go to the “glory land” after the diamond. They should not even consider the thought of even letting them in the Hall of Fame.

In baseball you never know what is going to happen and this is a prime example for why they should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame. The people who believe some of the players who were doing good before they took steroids would assume that the player would do fine for the rest of their career. The people saying that should know that anything can happen in baseball, which those few players who are Hall of Fame worthy could have had just decent career or even bad ones. One other thing to think about is, how would this be fair to the players who did not use steroids while also having outstanding careers.

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The players who used steroids are not just breaking the rules but they are also breaking the law as well. The possession or sale of anabolic steroids without a valid prescription is illegal. This means that all the players who took this are technically criminals and in this case they should not even be eligible to play. The statement I made earlier about how it would not be fair to some other players, imagine if players like Cal Ripken Jr., Tony Gwynn, and even the great Ozzie Smith may not have made it if the players who had an advantage made it over them. This is why players who used steroids should not be able to join the Hall of Fame.

Ryan Corcoran,

Park Hills

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