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Letter to the Editor


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Right now in the state of Missouri we have some 70 districts in which Democrats do not even run for office. The reason they don’t is because of “Gerrymandering” by the Republicans. The districts are carved out so that the Democrats can’t win. It is no surprise that the Republican base is also the most religious of our voters. They believe in claims that do not have any factual basis. The election was rigged, or the election was stolen. And then the boldest of these fairy tale believers can storm the Capitol in the name of “God.” If you show me a person who believes in “Noah” then I will show you a “Trumpster.” That’s why when they rearrange these district they include as many churches as they can. Churches that have members that vote for Republicans, even if it means voting against their own interests.

One thing I have learned in my 80 years is that if you ever want to accomplish anything for working poor people you must first get rid of the Republican. They are there to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. The Republicans will use any means that is possible to weaken democracy for Democrats. They will try to ram through the most divisive and extremist laws they can. If Democrats add four justices to the Supreme Court the Republicans will add 10. They now promise retribution for the Democrats if they use the power they have right now. But how is that any worse than what we have now. The only way to protect the country from Republican terrorists is to secure voting rights. The cure for the Republican Party is more democracy. The Democrats should not only poke the bear, they should kick it in the ass.

Most of these MAGA brothers are cowards that can’t respond without Trump. It’s all they have left. The only way that Democrats can win the elections big in 2022 is if they secure voting rights. They have to break the filibuster if they are to accomplish this. Voting rights, voting access, and voting certification are the only things that matter. Democrats should not be intimidated by fear, but motivated by it. In Republican controlled states they have passed 360 new laws to make sure that Democrats don’t win. This is how they win. They must cheat or they can’t win. That’s why I say that if you want to accomplish anything for people, the Republican must be removed from the equation. They don’t care if the whole world knows they are cheating, just as long as they win.

Bob Roney,



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