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Medicaid Expansion
Letter to the Editor

Medicaid Expansion

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On August 4th we will be voting on if Missouri should expand Medicaid coverage. In Missouri, the largest spending is already on healthcare. In the Federal government the largest amount of spending is for entitlements i.e. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. A favorite slogan in favor of the expansion is “Bring our tax dollars home”. As of 7/23/2020 the Federal government is 26.54 trillion dollars in debt. People, our tax dollars for the next generation, or more, are already spent. Any Federal dollars that come to the state are borrowed dollars, all part of that 26.54 trillion dollar debt. There are NO Missouri tax dollars left to come back to Missouri. Also as the populace ages there are fewer and fewer paying taxes and are, in turn, receiving the entitlements increasing the tax burden on those still paying taxes.

Tax funded jobs create a false economy. They do not create new capital which is essential to sustain a prosperous economy. This is also true of the hospitals that rely solely on state and federal funding to exist. Zero net gain.

Social Security is fully funded only until 2034. Medicare is fully funded only until 2026. Medicaid is fully funded until 2028. Unless tax revenues increase, all of these programs will be required to reduce spending. It is the taxpayer who ultimately pays the bill. If the Federal government is required to reduce their portion from 90% to say 75%, we pick up the difference. Where is the money coming from? There are viable alternatives to expanding Medicaid that are too lengthy to go into here that work. Expansion of coverage only exacerbates the problem and does nothing to remove those involved from poverty. Long term costs will increase as the numbers participating grow and healthcare costs skyrocket. Expansion is only a short term fix with very adverse long term consequences not only financially but, more importantly, as far as the quality of care that can be offered. VOTE NO ON MEDICAID EXPANSION

James Partridge

Bonne Terre


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