I have known John Crouch as a friend and professional colleague for many years. I agree whole-heartedly with the tributes and assessments of his friends and coworkers in the recent article.

There is one story I like to tell about John. Years ago before I knew him well, the City of Farmington had an annual volunteer appreciation dinner at which John was to speak about railroads. I remember thinking...how boring can this be, an accountant talking about railroads. It turned out to be one of, if not the most interesting speech I have ever heard in Farmington.

John turned out to be quite the history buff and storyteller with information and pictures explaining how the railroads impacted on the physical and economic development of the city, who some of the local players were in railroad development were and how the small local railroads were used to get around the area and up to St. Louis.

I still think about that speech when I see cut street comers and buildings built certain ways in certain locations. John, thanks for the memories.

Ed Pultz


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