Smith voted no
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Smith voted no

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Dear Editor:

A couple weeks ago, both Houses of Congress overwhelmingly passed a stimulus bill greatly benefitting American families and American small businesses.

An op-ed column about the bill, written by Representative Jason Smith, has appeared in both local papers. Representative Smith praises the virtues of this bill, describing it as one that would provide "critical resources on our struggling businesses" and would be "livesaving support." He goes on to say, "I remain fixated on making sure that the needs of our rural communities are heard and responded to."

And then he voted against it.

Let me repeat that in case you didn't get it the first time: Jason Smith, Representative of the 8th District to the U.S. Congress, was one of the 40 Republicans who voted against the very bill he was extolling, a bill designed to help Missourians at a time when they most need it. Hypocrisy at its finest!

Representative Smith is up for re-election. When we mark out ballots, let us remember what he says and what he does for "our rural communities" are two, totally different things.

C. Kay Crecelius



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