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'Something wrong with this picture'
Letter to the Editor

'Something wrong with this picture'

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The news just reported that 1 in 500 Americans have died from the COVID virus. The Biden Administration is mandating the vaccine to “save lives”. By Expectative Order he is saying the Federal Government will take control of your healthcare decisions for the good of the many subjugating the freedoms of the few.

One in every 540 Americans (fetuses) die every year from abortions, year after year after year. Abortions kill 615,000, on the average, unborn every year in the US alone. Abortions alone have killed more than the COVID in the same period of time that the COVID has been in existence in the US. However, abortion is a woman's healthcare choice. Statistically one person will have 450 decedents over 4 generations. That choice, (abortion), in the US alone, over 4 generations equals the non existence of 276,750,000 lives.

So how is it that Biden is fighting the Texas abortion law tooth and nail, saying abortion is a woman’s healthcare choice, a choice that over 4 generations will eliminate a quarter billion lives, yet MANDATING vaccinations to SAVE LIVES that makes a vaccination not a healthcare choice? This devout Catholic (his words) supports Healthcare that kills (abortion) but mandates Healthcare (vaccines) to SAVE lives. A mandate that trashes the conscientious religious beliefs of a multitude of truly devout Catholics as well as Protestants. There is something very, very wrong with this picture.

James Partridge,

Bonne Terre


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