An Uber driver got lost in conversation without recognizing a passenger. A meteorologist said a racial slur that costs him his job. A comedian resurfaced Donald Trump's 2004 commencement speech. These are the videos you don't want to miss this week.

Mission impossible

Skiers called emergency services after a member of their party got hurt in the French Alps. Video captured the daring pilot who hovered a helicopter just over the mountainside to rescue the man and take him to a hospital.

Advice for college graduates ... and immigrants?

Late-night comedians are known for dipping their toes into politics. "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah unearthed Donald Trump's 2004 Wagner College commencement speech, poking fun at how Trump encouraged graduates to overcome barriers.

Never forget you

No man has won more than Roger Federer's eight Wimbledon titles. The tennis superstar got emotional paying tribute to his former coach, Peter Carter, for giving him a huge "wake-up call" early in his career.

Uber can't rate this

Wonder what it would be like to meet a famous athlete? This Uber driver found out when NFL star Melvin Gordon recorded the chauffeur trash-talking the Los Angeles Chargers, apparently unaware Gordon is their running back.

Mispronunciation vs. slur

WHEC News announced the firing of meteorologist Jeremy Kappell after he said a racial slur on air while referring to a park named for Martin Luther King Jr. Kappell said he spoke too fast and simply "jumbled a couple of words." Newscasters across the country came to Kappell's defense, saying they've all made mistakes.

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