FARMINGTON – And then there were eight, that’s the headline for Saturday Night’s racing recap for the racing at SFCR on June 6th. The A Mod feature proved to be a battle of attrition, if you could hang tough, you would end up with a top 10. It seems as of late Mother Nature has been a topic, but this week the ole’ gal provided some nice weather, tad on the warm side, everyone we saw had a bead or two of sweat on their forehead, but I will take that any day compared to checking the radar and watching the clouds.

In the pure street race we saw some new faces, word must be circulating about the $1000 to win Pure Street show coming up, so they came to practice or size up the competition. This class has it rough they are the first out most weeks, which means it is still a little greasy (wet), but they make the best of it.

This week we saw two new heat race winners this season, Travis Goodman (76) and David Baker (00) which put them on the front row for the start of the feature. After a lengthy intermission while the crew reworked the turns, the Pure Streets once again came out first. In fact they waited in their cars for 30 minutes while work on the track took longer than expected.

No promoter wants to work the track at intermission and we heard and saw the annoyed comments from race fans, but sometimes you just have to do it. An ideal night for the promoter is for the track to come together in heat races and be prime for features, but when the dirt doesn’t cooperate you have to help it out a little. The pure streets proved that this was the right call.

We saw a lot of two-wide and at times three-wide racing, (FYI 3-wide out of turn two isn’t the best idea!) Robbie Williams proved why he is the track champion; he motored to a commanding lead and held it, while Travis Goodman finished second - his best finish for the season. Ryan Williams came in third and Driver for Hire, Charlie Savage, driving the 10A came in fourth while David Baker finished out the top five.

The B-Mods always put on a good show for the fans. We saw several new people in this class as well. We like to see that. The track was glad to see #8 Shannon Burch out for the first time this season. Track Sponsor Burch Fencing’s busy time of the year is now so he hasn’t had the time to get his B-Mod to the track, and while his night didn’t end up the way he wanted, we are glad to see him back at the track. Eddie Gross, Dusty Homann and Rudy Slade were your B Mod Feature winners.

With the car count being up, this class was scheduled to run a B Feature, but after they were called to the track, it was decided to send them all to the A Feature event! If you left the track before the B Mod feature, you left too soon. These guys put on a really hot show! No I mean flaming hot! While lined up on the back straight a B Mod was losing fuel, he was pushed to the infield and the 110 octane fuel was set ablaze, every pyromaniac’s dream. Race announcer Mike Crow was looking for the supplies to make S’MORES, but we couldn’t find the graham crackers!

It was all Eddie Gross in the Feature, Dusty Homann tried, and tried hard, to take the top spot getting close to the bumper of the 4G car a couple of times, but never had enough to get around him. Kenny “The Hustler” Harris had a good race starting deep in the lineup pick up a top 5 finish. Lou Driemeier and Shane Blair got into an on track incident where on the start Blair got into Driemeier.

Off the track, Blair showed what good sportsmanship is all about, by going to the 3D pit and apologizing after the race. Eddie Gross takes home his 2nd feature win of the season, Dusty Homann #10 takes second, #1 Shane Blair takes 3rd, #69 Kenny Harris takes fourth and to round out the top five is the #3D of Lou Driemeir.

The HURRICANE, Mike Francis blew into SFCR for the first time for 2015.

Great to see the 1F car back on the track. Mike likes the high line, well not sure if he does, but his car does. Next time Mike is back pay, close attention. His car turns more RPMs while on the track than any of the other cars, and he seldom lifts. Not sure who his motor builder is, but they build one tough bullet! There will be a run on bumpers at the local race shops this week. Several of those were ripped off during the A Mod feature.

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Something was amiss with the #53 of Matt Eaton he started at the back, and way back, I told myself, he is going to start and park. To get paid you have to at least start the feature, so was Matt’s master plan. Unhappy with car and track, Matt made the call to sit in the back turn a few laps and park it and go home in one piece and collect his pay, but after ripping off the back bumper, he decided he might as well stay out because the going home in one piece was out the window. Good thing he did because the race of attrition, he started dead last and took home a top five by finishing fourth.

In other action we saw some tempers flare, Farmington Native and firefighter SuperDave, Dave Chilton 69x in his first night back at SFCR also got a little hot under the helmet when the hard driving #13 Mike Savage drove up and over his front left tire.After the race, Chilton came around on the front stretch and let Savage know he wasn’t happy and Savage responded with an ‘I don’t really care what you think move’.

Mike Francis’ night ended early when he gambled on the high line, jumped the cushion and climbed the fence in turn 2. We saw Brent Thompson and Mike Francis win their heat races; Jeff Asher winning the dash. For the feature only eight of the fifteen cars ended up taking the checkers in a caution-filed event, #18 Brent Thompson, #45 Matt Dotson, #14 Billy Smith, #53 Matt Eaton and #777 Jeff Asher were your top five.

As always the crowd favorite 410 Winged Sprint cars always put on a good show and this week was no different. Joey Montgomery won 2 of the 3 events for the night wining his heat race and dash. This put him on the front row for the start of the feature in good position for the hat trick but he didn’t have enough to keep Worley out of Victory Lane.

Ryan Kempin took home the checkers in his heat race making Worley work for his feature front row start in the Dash. The start of the feature saw some head games. Everyone knows when Joey starts, his style is to drag the brakes and go, but Worley wasn’t having it this week. On the first start Worley went and Joey didn’t, leaving race officials unhappy with the start so they called it back.

The front row needs to be side by side at the cone for an official start, it’s up to those drivers to make it work. Two tries and you go to the back and the 2nd row gets to show you how it’s done. So on the second try, Worley took advantage of the officials leniency this year and jumped out to an early lead again, Montgomery, realizing if he didn’t go he would be in the back and have a hard fight to win, stepped on the skinny pedal and Worley’s gamble paid off giving him the lead which he would never give up.

Although late race cautions put Montgomery within striking distance, Worley had luck on his side, as Joey Boyd gave Montgomery something to deal with, leaving Worley to cruise on in for the checkered flag. Boyd and Montgomery battled back hard for that second place spot, but it would be Montgomery that would hold him off for second and Boyd would get a podium finish at third.

Who is that in fourth? That’s Keith Burch, he has been plagued with oiling issues season long up until this point. The 2k sat out the NSL show to rebuild the power plant. When they tore down the motor it only had 4 quarts of oil including what was in the filter. But Keith’s dad rebuilt the motor and I would say after Saturday night, the oiling issues are over. Coming in at the fourth spot, Keith is always one to worry about.

Rounding out the top five is the driver all the girls get giggly about, heart throb Scottie Gretzmacher in the 16G. Teamcharli brought home his first top five finish in the 410 Sprint car; he proved himself in the Multis and we are sure this won’t be the last time we mention this young gun.

If you haven’t been to the races, summer is heating up, you need to get off that couch and come see the changes at SFCR. We race every Saturday night, gates open at 4 PM, Hot Laps at 6 PM and Racing at 7PM. Grandstand admission is just $10; kids 12 and under are free. Come out this weekend and watch the Pure Street Class battle for not $600 to win, but $1000 to win for Pure Street at the Randy Matthews Memorial race.

For the first time in track history the Pure Streets will be racing for $1000 to win, will it be a weekly racer win, or will someone swoop in and snatch the big purse? Only one real way to find out, come out and watch and be a part of the action!

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