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Experts say an alleged plot to topple the German government, led by a self-styled prince, a retired paratrooper and a Berlin judge, had its roots in a murky mixture of post-war grudges, antisemitic conspiracy theories and anger over recent pandemic restrictions. Police detained 25 people Wednesday described as being part of Germany’s Reichsbuerger, or Reich Citizens, movement. Experts say the movement's rise reflects the shifts that have taken place on the far-right end of the political spectrum in recent years. They say anger at restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic has proved fertile ground for anti-government sentiment in Germany, similar to the United States. Officials expect a second wave of detentions as authorities review evidence seized in their raids.

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Authorities say the person who would later kill five at a Colorado gay nightclub was on the FBI’s radar a day before being arrested for threatening to kill family members. However, agents closed out the case just weeks later. The disclosure by the FBI to The Associated Press creates a new timeline for when law enforcement was first alerted to Anderson Lee Aldrich as a potential danger. Previously it was thought Aldrich only became known to authorities after making the threat on June 18, 2021. The details of the June 17 tip aren't known.

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Minnesota investigators say that video appears to show an exchange of gunfire between a St. Paul police officer and a man who was killed during an apparent carjacking attempt. Twenty-four-year-old Howard Johnson of St. Paul was fatally shot by a St. Paul officer Monday evening after police responded to a domestic assault call and a report of a man with a gun. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension identified the officer who shot Johnson as Sgt. Cody Blanshan, who has a decade of law enforcement experience. Johnson’s family members and members of the community are calling for the quick release of video evidence in the case.

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A judge running for Wisconsin's Supreme Court as a tough-on-crime candidate gave a man convicted of attacking his wife two days to report to jail. He's now charged with attempting to kill his in-laws during that window. WTMJ-TV reports that Waukesha County circuit Judge Jennifer Dorow sentenced Michael Liu on battery and other charges Nov. 30. The Will County Sheriff's Department says he traveled the next day to Crete, Illinois. There he allegedly fired shots into the home of the in-laws, broke in and stabbed them both. They are expected to recover. Dorow is one of four candidates in the race for the state's high court.

A small but vocal contingent of the New York City's political class characterizes those of us who are alarmed by increasing crime — and want more proactive policing, more effective prosecution and further refinement of state laws to ensure that lawbreakers face swift, sure consequences — as nothing but reactionaries. The city remains historically safe, they say, so the order of the day should be more criminal justice reform.

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