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The huge fireplace of native stone is an interesting feature of this home. The living room shown here is in the recently remodeled home of Mr.…

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At our most recent chimney inspection we were embarrassed to hear the chimney sweep tell us how dirty our flue was. We took it as a stern reminder that a clean chimney is a safety routine we shouldn’t ignore.

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Sitting by the warmth of your fireplace with friends and family is one of the best ways to spend a winter evening, but if you haven’t used your fireplace in months, it may be in need of some maintenance. Here’s how to get your fireplace ready for those chilly evenings.

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The Terre Du Lac Fire Department responded to a house fire a little after midnight on Friday at 1216 Estates Lane.

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Think you don’t have the time or money to redecorate your entire house for fall? Don’t stress: There are plenty of ways to add a cozy autumn theme without a big design budget. It’s all about the accessories and colors; even small changes can make a big difference. Try a few of these ideas to decorate your house this fall.

Cleaning your chimney regularly is the best way to prevent dangerous creosote fires, or smoking in your home. Here’s what you need to know before you take this on as a DIY job.

The rooms were divided in the original layout. Spry had four walls knocked down and turned the main space into this open great room. They redid the ceiling structure, but most of the exterior walls are the same — no square footage was added, which helped keep the budget in check.

Every room in the house has at least one entire wall of glass," says Tate. The glass is insulated and energy efficient, as well as coated to protect from harmful UV rays. Channel-set glazing lets it disappear into the walls and blurs the line between indoors and out.

"It's lovely to work with a client who is really thoughtful about texture, lighting and materials, and this one was," Crittenden says. A great example of the play of different textures and materials is this fireplace sitting area. Two soft upholstered armchairs enjoy the warmth of the gas-powered wooden fireplace. (The textures warm up the room as well.) The porcelain floor tiles continue up the fireplace wall, which is punctuated by a reclaimed-wood mantel and a splash of troweled-on gold glass beads.

The fireplace, beams, pine paneling and chandelier in the family room are all original. The fireplace is a mix of local granite and brick. If you look closely at where the paneling meets the ceiling, you’ll see the original scalloped molding that Temme used as a template throughout the house. “This molding is practically a signature of Door County,” she says. “You see it all over the cabins in the area.”

Likewise, the dining room aligns with an opening to beautifully frame the trees outside.

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The view of Crazy Mountains was chosen in the field. “When we were designing the house, we took 14-foot-high ladders to the site and climbed up to survey the view,” says the architect.

Piskula kept the focus on the best views when laying out the furniture. “At first we were concerned with placing a TV above the fireplace,” she says. “However, the view of the lake is directly out of the fireplace wall windows, so we really wanted to keep the focus on beautiful Lake Wisconsin in their backyard.”

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DEAR DOCTOR: I have heard several stories on the news recently about carbon monoxide-related deaths, and they have me concerned. Where does ca…

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The first major project was the flooring. "The old hardwoods ran diagonally and were installed on top of 1-by-4s nailed and glued down onto the concrete underneath. You could feel them sagging every time you walked on them," Borcher says. The bedrooms had wall-to-wall Berber carpeting that was past its prime.

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A tub sits in the corner overlooking the outdoor fireplace (19), which we'll take a closer look at soon.

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What was a kidney-shaped pool awkwardly pressed up against the house is now a lap pool (21) with plenty of space for lounging and for guests. The outdoor fireplace is a strong draw that is a natural gathering space on cold nights.

The original church was entirely open, so Melander incorporated a few barriers for privacy. The vertical fireplace gave him a space for the kitchen and a staircase to a new upstairs loft, but it doesn't distract from the church's volume. Instead, the vertical element exaggerates the ceiling height and mimics the bell tower outside.

Downstairs the kitchen is simple but functional. Melander didn't want this new necessity to interfere with the main space, but he also needed it to be easily accessed. Tucking it behind the staircase and fireplace helped accomplish both. Sconces act as task lighting when needed but also provide ambient lighting reflected up toward the ceiling.

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A house fire claimed the life of an elderly woman late Friday just after 11 p.m. in the 1600 block of Madison County Rd. 415 in Cherokee Pass.

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