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Cluster headaches often occur without a trigger. But they tend to be seasonal. Fall is one of the seasons when they will frequently vex people.

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Drinking plenty of water can help keep your body functioning at its highest capacity. Staying hydrated can help you to:

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What it could mean: Dehydration, eye strain or bad posture.

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Do you drink enough water each day? If not, your overall health may be taking a toll. 

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It's commonly accepted as fact that MSG, a.k.a. monosodium glutamate, is something we should avoid, the culprit behind the so-called "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" and contributor to myriad health problems. But is there any substance behind MSG's bad reputation? In 1968, the New England Journal of Medicine published a letter titled "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome."

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Alcohol is embedded in our society, and it is difficult to be in a public space without seeing a reference to alcohol or being offered a drink. Alcohol is broken down in the liver by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. However, moderate alcohol consumption may have some beneficial effects, which was appreciated in 1992 based on the observation that...

Courtesy of University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. A review of 39 studies by researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health shows functional nasal surgery can reduce or eliminate chronic headaches in some patients. Functional nasal surgery is used to relieve...

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I had an extremely painful headache that was diagnosed as a cluster headache in the emergency department. I was treated with oxygen, and the pain disappeared. Is it common to treat headaches with oxygen, or is this a treatment specific to this type of headache?

DEAR HARRIETTE: We don't have cubicles or private offices at my job -- more of an open area with desks arranged in pods. My "pod" consists of …

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