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The truth: At one point in time, it was believed dogs could only see in black, white and shades of gray. This myth is still believed by many people today. Dogs have fewer color-sensitive cones in their eyes than humans do. However, it has been discovered that although it’s not in the same way as humans, dogs can in fact see color. They can see blue, green-ish yellow and yellow along with various shades of gray.

White paint is having a years-long moment in the spotlight, and its popularity might just keep going — but this popular paint color isn’t just pretty. You may not have been able to quite put your finger on it, but white paint does a few things for its surroundings that other paint colors don’t. Call these benefits visual effects or design principles or white paint superpowers; they are one of many reasons you see white paint so often, and likely have helped white paint stay so popular for so long.

Sometimes cats like to catch a bit of sun by the window. This actually may do more harm than good and can even give your cat a sunburn. Buzz60…

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If you want a lightly flavored classic cloud bread recipe, stick with the original by whisking together white sugar, cornstarch, and egg whites. TikTok creator @peachyslime baked her cloud bread at 300 degrees for 25 minutes to get the perfect fluffy texture.

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You don’t need to save the dye for the outside of your Easter eggs. As this pretty recipe from @dishedit shows, you can color your deviled egg whites with vinegar and a few drops of food coloring, giving this popular appetizer a more exciting look.

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