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Write down your worries to get them all out ahead of time, lest they rear their disquieting heads at night. Journaling can be helpful for alleviating nightmares and stress in general, Tal said.

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You know the feeling: the dread that starts to creep up from the pit of your stomach on Sundays as the realization that, yes, you have to go to work tomorrow, settles in.

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A sense of loneliness and isolation can outwardly manifest in various ways, particularly in a city as crowded as New York. When Rachel and Monica's downstairs neighbor (played by guest star Larry Hankin) suddenly dies, Chandler questions his own life choices and worries about ending up alone and cranky.

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Dogs are very good at using fat for energy, which is why it’s common to see high-fat content in many pet foods. Dogs transport cholesterol as …

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Trump's relationship with the truth has often been questioned. In his best-selling book "The Art Of The Deal," he boasted that he was able to quash worries among a potential partner about construction delays at one of his casino sites by having bulldozers push piles of dirt from one side of an empty lot to the other — and then back again — to give the appearance of frenetic building activity.

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DEAR DOCTOR K: I suffer from anxiety but would rather not take medication. I already exercise and practice relaxation therapy. Could dietary c…

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