Valle Catholic remained the standard bearer of the I-55 Conference while North County, Central and Ste. Genevieve each shared league titles during the recently completed football season.

A healthy number of two-way stars from those programs highlight the First Team selections on various all-conference lists from across the region.

Central settled for a split of the MAFC White Division championship with Ste. Genevieve after stumbling against visiting Potosi 7-6 in week five.

The Rebels made the deepest district run within that group, and were still featured prominently among top honors with eight First Team nods while three players earned extra recognition.

Linebacker Will Hopkins was named Defensive MVP, and running back Gage Manion earned parallel status as Offensive MVP. Tanner Friend was the Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Jake Casey joined Hopkins and Friend as a double honoree at receiver and defensive back. Jake Murray secured a First Team spot on the offensive line for Central.

Run defense was a strength for a Ste. Genevieve squad that was plagued by late-season injuries. Senior interior linemen Clayton Vaughn and Isaac Boyd were among four First Team defensive picks.

Outside linebacker Ty Brown and safety Grant Staffen also achieved First Team status for the Dragons along with quarterback Chad Donze. Vaughn was tabbed Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Potosi senior Zach Haynes appears three times in First Team capacity as a defensive back, wide receiver and punter, where he nabbed an all-state award last year.

Linebacker Isaac Gaghen and offensive guard Jed Weir were among the conference elite, and Ed Haar was selected MAFC White Division Coach of the Year for the Trojans.

Fredericktown senior Noah Korokis picked up all-purpose athlete distinction. Kicker Colten Jordan and returner Malachi Kyle made the special teams cut.

Valle Catholic saw its streak of 10 straight district crowns snapped by eventual Class 1 state champion Hayti, but again dominated the I-55 standout list.

The Warriors obtained 13 First Team designations, seven on offense and six on defense, while Judd Naeger took Coach of the Year honors.

Defensive MVP choice Kyle Roth had a breakout season as the lone returning starter on either line, and appears on the First Team as a tackle and defensive end.

Other Warriors with multiple appearances on the First Team are leading tackler Kellen Blum, receivers Tyler Blum and Ryan Grein, and Collin Grass at center and inside linebacker.

Chase Dunlap was chosen top quarterback while offensive guard Zach Wolk and defensive tackle Jack Drury also represent Valle on the First Team.

Pacen DeClue was likewise tasked with anchoring otherwise inexperience lines at North County, and his efforts were rewarded in the MAFC Red Division.

The senior interior lineman was chosen Conference MVP and Defensive Player of the Year while also starring as a key blocker at left guard.

Raiders quarterback Kolten Poorman is a repeat First Team selection and Offensive MVP, and is joined by receivers Cole Ziegler and Noah Mesey along with running back Jaelen Reed.

Ziegler earned an additional nod at defensive back, and Reed did the same at linebacker for the Raiders.

Farmington produced its best SEMO North showing since 2011 by finishing second to Jackson. The good health of twin brothers Royce and Rothman Harris was a major reason why.

Royce Harris dazzled at running back, and Rothman Harris was a ferocious pass rusher around the corner while leading five First Team all-conference Knights.

Also reaching the highest level of the league are safety Eli Lamb, offensive lineman Austin Phelps and punter Kael Krause.

MAFC White Division

First Team Offense:

OL: Clayton Vaughn – Ste. Genevieve

OL: Tanner Friend – Central

OL: Jake Murray – Central

OL: Clayton Steffens – Perryville

OL: Jed Weir – Potosi

QB: Chad Donze – Ste. Genevieve

WR: Jake Casey – Central

WR: Zach Haynes – Potosi

RB: Gage Manion – Central

TE: Will Hopkins – Central

ATH: Noah Korokis - Fredericktown

Second Team Offense:

OL: Clayton Kreitler – Ste. Genevieve

OL: Jake Landolt – Central

QB: Logan Gegg – Ste. Genevieve

WR: Devon Bader – Ste. Genevieve

WR: Brady Boyer – Ste. Genevieve

RB: Ethan Brown – Potosi

First Team Defense:

DE: Tanner Friend – Central

DE: James Rhoden – Perryville

DT: Clayton Vaughn – Ste. Genevieve

DT: Isaac Boyd – Ste. Genevieve

LB: Ty Brown – Ste. Genevieve

LB: Will Hopkins - Central

LB: Caleb Gremaud – Perryville

LB: Eli Bierk – Perryville

LB: Isaac Gaghen - Potosi

DB: Grant Staffen – Ste. Genevieve

DB: Jake Casey – Central

DB: Carter Dix – Perryville

DB: Zach Haynes – Potosi

Second Team Defense:

DE: Noah Korokis – Fredericktown

DE: Logan Kirby – Potosi

DT: Eli Ford – Central

DT: Derontae Martin - Central

LB: Tyler Murray – Central

LB: Evan Sidebottom – Central

LB: Logan Bowling – Fredericktown

DB: Bryce Trollinger – Ste. Genevieve

DB: Austin Kuehn – Ste. Genevieve

DB: Gage Manion – Central

DB: Marcus Mahathath – Perryville

First Team Special:

P: Zach Haynes – Potosi

K: Colten Jordan - Fredericktown

RET: Malachi Kyle - Fredericktown

Second Team Special:

K: Eli Bierk - Perryville

Honorable Mention Offense:

OL: Brad Ernst - Perryville

WR: Logan Trollinger – Ste. Genevieve

RB: Logan Bowling - Fredericktown

TE: Bradey Clark – Central

Honorable Mention Defense:

DE: Holden Sikes – Fredericktown

DE: Kalub Evans – Fredericktown

DT: Clayton Stanfill – Central

DT: Hunter Moon – Potosi

DT: Ian Kurre - Perryville

LB: Kolby Hatfield – Ste. Genevieve

LB: Joe Price – Fredericktown

LB: Tristan Murdick – Potosi

DB: Seth Rousseau – Perryville

DB: Braeden Stockmann - Fredericktown

Defensive Lineman of the Year:

Tanner Friend – Central

Defensive MVP:

Will Hopkins – Central

Offensive Lineman of the Year:

Clayton Vaughn – Ste. Genevieve

Offensive MVP:

Gage Manion – Central

Coach of the Year:

Ed Haar – Potosi

MAFC Red Division

First Team Offense:

QB: Kolten Poorman – North County

RB: Jaelen Reed – North County

RB: Jayden Rystrom – Festus

RB: Cole Watson – De Soto

FB: Jack Robinson - Festus

WR: Cole Ziegler – North County

WR: Clayton Snudden – De Soto

WR: Mike Wolcott – Windsor

WR: Noah Mesey – North County

TE: Zach Baisch – Festus

OL: Chase Rystrom – Festus

OL: Zach Liles – Festus

OL: Landon Porter – De Soto

OL: Pacen DeClue – North County

OL: Joe Becker - Hillsboro

SLASH: Nate Browning – Windsor

SLASH: Austin Anderson – Festus

Second Team Offense:

QB: Briar Fischer – De Soto

RB: Chalmer Brickhaus – Festus

FB: Hayden Voyles – Hillsboro

TE: Andrew Downs – De Soto

SLASH: Jeremy Harman – De Soto

OL: Robert Doerner – Hillsboro

OL: Eli Vroman – Festus

OL: Ben Dunlap – North County

OL: Ethan West – Windsor

Honorable Mention Offense:

WR: Camren Krodinger – De Soto

WR: Karter Kekec – North County

OL: Trystan Hendricks – De Soto

OL: Ryan Larkin – Hillsboro

OL: Judson Holland – Festus

OL: Dom Nolfo – Festus

OL: Noah Schaefer – Windsor

OL: Owen Exler – Windsor

OL: Briley Dickerson – North County

First Team Defense:

DL: Pacen DeClue – North County

DL: Chris Lammert – Festus

DL: Wyatt Moser – De Soto

DE: Dalton Melton – De Soto

DE: Zach Liles – Festus

LB: Justin Stenger – Windsor

LB: Austin Henry – Windsor

LB: Jaelen Reed – North County

LB: Jack Robinson – Festus

LB: Dominic Demarco – De Soto

DB: Cole Ziegler – North County

DB: Nate Browning – Windsor

DB: Jaylan Watson – Festus

DB: Clayton Snudden – De Soto

Second Team Defense:

DL: Briley Dickerson – North County

DL: David Blanchard – Festus

DE: Grant Bockman – North County

DE: Zach McNees – Hillsboro

LB: John Moseley – Hillsboro

LB: Dom Nolfo – Festus

LB: Garrett Hardin – De Soto

DB: Luke Stallings – Windsor

DB: Karter Kekec – North County

Cayse Martin – Festus

Camren Krodinger – De Soto

Honorable Mention Defense:

DE: Seth Lowery – Hillsboro

DE: Ben Dunlap – North County

DE: Jacob Folk – Festus

First Team Special:

K: Ryan Esparza – Festus

P: Camren Krodinger – De Soto

Second Team Special:

P: Derek Williams – Windsor

Honorable Mention Special:

P: A.J. McKenzie – Festus

Offensive Player of the Year:

Kolten Poorman – North County

Defensive Player of the Year:

Pacen DeClue – North County

Special Teams Player of the Year:

Dominic Punjani – De Soto

Conference MVP:

Pacen DeClue – North County

Coach of the Year:

Russ Schmidt – Festus

SEMO North Conference


First Team Offense:

QB: Cael Walker – Jackson

RB: Daniel Dickerson – Jackson

RB: Royce Harris – Farmington

WR: Jordan Kent – Jackson

WR: Tyrus Reddin – Cape Central

TE: Trent Elliott – Sikeston

OL: Conner Tollison – Jackson

OL: Dawson Southard – Jackson

OL: Tyreke Jamison – Sikeston

OL: Seth Copeland – Sikeston

OL: Austin Phelps - Farmington

ATH: Tra Ranson – Sikeston

ATH: Shemyron Townsend – Poplar Bluff

First Team Defense:

DL: Cole Amelunke – Jackson

DL: Tyreke Jamison – Sikeston

DL: Rothman Harris – Farmington

DL: Kendric Gordon – Poplar Bluff

LB: Bryce Norman – Jackson

LB: Randol McDowell – Jackson

LB: Tristen Koenig – Jackson

LB: Seth Copeland – Sikeston

DB: Jared Wren – Jackson

DB: Eli Lamb – Farmington

DB: Quinten Bell – Poplar Bluff

DB: Chauncey Hughes – Cape Central

First Team Special:

K: Matt Jaco – Jackson

P: Kael Krause – Farmington

Second Team Offense:

QB: Cameron Cox – Cape Central

RB: Isaiah Johnson – Poplar Bluff

RB: Jackson Kuykendal – Sikeston

WR: Rhet Liley – Jackson

WR: Donye Taylor – Cape Central

TE: Rothman Harris – Farmington

OL: Nathan Harrison – Jackson

OL: Judd Cunningham – Farmington

OL: Ben Norwood – Poplar Bluff

OL: Wyatt Lazalier – Poplar Bluff

OL: Jordan Long – Cape Central

ATH: Tycen Gray – Farmington

ATH: Seth Waters – Jackson

Second Team Defense:

DL: Justin Singleton – Jackson

DL: David Rowland – Sikeston

DL: Dalton Berg – Farmington

DL: Dylan Wells – Poplar Bluff

LB: Riley Pike – Jackson

LB: Carson Sutton – Farmington

LB: Cameron Sweeney – Poplar Bluff

LB: Dashawn Franklin – Cape Central

DB: Caleb Craft – Jackson

DB: Tra Ranson – Sikeston

DB: Sam Nickelson – Farmington

DB: Tyrus Reddin – Cape Central

Second Team Special:

K: Kael Krause – Farmington

Honorable Mention:

QB: Gage Rolwing – Sikeston

OL: Dalton Berg – Farmington

OL: Ethan Buerck – Farmington

OL: Kevin Crites – Jackson

OL: Braxton Green – Jackson

LB: Lontas McClinton – Sikeston

Offensive Player of the Year:

Jordan Kent – Jackson

Defensive Player of the Year:

Randol McDowell - Jackson

Lineman of the Year:

Conner Tollison – Jackson

Coach of the Year:

Brent Eckley – Jackson


I-55 Conference

First Team Offense:

QB: Chase Dunlap – Valle Catholic

RB: Andrew Graves – Jefferson

RB: Dustin Burch – St. Pius

FB: Ben Breeze - Jefferson

TE: Kellen Blum – Valle Catholic

WR: Tyler Blum – Valle Catholic

WR: Jalen Thornton – St. Pius

WR: Ryan Grein – Valle Catholic

WR: Isaac Ernst – St. Vincent

ATH: Dre Townsend – St. Pius

C: Collin Grass – Valle Catholic

G: Zach Wolk – Valle Catholic

G: Nick DeRousse – St. Vincent

T: Kyle Roth – Valle Catholic

T: Brandon Floyd – Jefferson

First Team Defense:

DL: Brandon Floyd – Jefferson

DL: Jack Drury – Valle Catholic

DL: Nick DeRousse – St. Vincent

DL: Luke Comperato – St. Pius

DE: Kyle Roth – Valle Catholic

DE: Andrew Graves – Jefferson

DE: Isaac Ernst – St. Vincent

LB: Kellen Blum – Valle Catholic

LB: Collin Grass – Valle Catholic

LB: Daniel McWhorter – Jefferson

LB: Austin Huson – Herculaneum

DB: Tyler Blum – Valle Catholic

DB: Ryan Grein – Valle Catholic

DB: Erik Eisenbeis – Jefferson

DB: Colby Ott – Jefferson

First Team Special:

K: Lucas Vaughn – Jefferson

P: Ben Breeze – Jefferson

ST: Andrew Graves – Jefferson

Second Team Offense:

QB: Garrett Dobbelare – St. Vincent

RB: David Creath – Grandview

RB: Jason Harden – Herculaneum

RB: Colby Ott – Jefferson

TE: Julian Rivera – Crystal City

WR: Riley Naeger – St. Pius

WR: Tyler Ruder – Herculaneum

WR: Tyler Wibbenmeyer – St. Vincent

ATH: Carter Roth – Valle Catholic

C: Daniel McWhorter – Jefferson

G: Adam Eimer – St. Pius

G: Ryan Loveless – St. Pius

T: Jacob Oliver – Valle Catholic

T: Connor Surratt – Jefferson

Second Team Defense:

DL: Corey Robinson – Jefferson

DL: John Derque – Herculaneum

DL: Dylan Beekman – Crystal City

DL: Noah Lampros – St. Pius

LB: Ely Moore – Grandview

LB: Luke Teague – Herculaneum

LB: Dawson Jakoubek – Jefferson

LB: Jarrett Kort – St. Pius

LB: Nick Lappe – St. Vincent

LB: Carter Roth – Valle Catholic

DB: Cole Myers – Herculaneum

DB: Jalen Thornton – St. Pius

DB: Dre Townsend – St. Pius

DB: John Wibbenmeyer – St. Vincent

Second Team Special:

K: Kolten Naeger – Valle Catholic

P: Jordan Duncan – Herculaneum

ST: Peyton Tucker – Valle Catholic

Honorable Mention Offense:

QB: Jacob Brand – Grandview

QB: Jordan Duncan – Herculaneum

QB: Brandon Perry – Jefferson

QB: Carson Fischer – St. Pius

WR: Bryce Palmer – Valle Catholic

WR: Cameron Ennis – Grandview

C: Caleb Kertz – St. Vincent

C: Dylan Beekman – Crystal City

C: Daniel Draves – St. Pius

G: Steve Stephens – Jefferson

T: Ethan Holst – Crystal City

T: Colby Wilfong – Herculaneum

T: Patrick Argana – St. Pius

T: Shawn Koisher – St. Vincent

Honorable Mention Defense:

DL: Jacob Brown – Herculaneum

DE: Collin Parmer – Valle Catholic

DE: Jake Turner – Grandview

LB: Evan Litton – Crystal City

LB: Nate Ruble – St. Pius

LB: Dylan Grim – St. Vincent

LB: Owen Light – St. Vincent

LB: Tyler Wibbenmeyer – St. Vincent

DB: Dylan Barker – St. Vincent

DB: Jason Harden – Herculaneum

DB: Tommy Moon – Jefferson

DB: Trenton Linderer – Valle Catholic

DB: Jacob Melton – Jefferson

Honorable Mention Special:

P: Cory Stoll – Valle Catholic

Offensive MVP:

Andrew Graves – Jefferson

Defensive MVP:

Kyle Roth – Valle Catholic

Coach of the Year:

Judd Naeger – Valle Catholic

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