FARMINGTON - Growing up we all knew Brian wasn’t normal, while the rest of us were chasing down the ice cream truck, Brian would be in the sand box with his Tonka trucks, moving one sand pile to another, making holes filling them up, making drainage ditches. You would see him standing back looking at his sandbox empire with pride and a smile on his face. After we would get done with our ice cream we would rip through it with our bikes, he never would cry, he would just pick up his Tonka trucks and get back to work.

Later as we left the ice cream truck for girls, he stuck to the Tonka trucks, then we knew he was a mad scientist. All that time in the sand box paid off! Brian and his crew were able to pull off the unthinkable this weekend. With all the rain that came down, St. Francois County Raceway was once again the ONLY TRACK in the area to race. Brian couldn’t do it without a great crew and lots of hard labor and sweat!

Robbie Williams won his heat and the feature and what did he get for his winnings? His car gets put into his trailer, the track puts their locks on the doors and the car is impounded and the motor tore down. That’s right, after five wins in the Pure Street class your motor is coming apart for an inspection.

Since it was Father’s Day weekend, the car was locked away until Monday evening when track officials and crew met and tore down the power plant. It was completed late last night and the findings??? LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!! Travis Goodman won his heat race showing he still had what it takes to make it around the 3/8 mile track at Farmington. Robbie Williams, Jason Neel, Charley Savage, Travis Goodman and Ryan Williams round out your top 5 in the Pure Street Feature.

The B Mod class continues to draw big car counts, the biggest class at the track. Ryan Middaugh, Shane Blair and Dusty Homan were your heat race winners. Drivers struggled this week with car setups. In the feature we saw most catfishing around the bottom, hard to pass. One driver said the track was a “special kind of slick” racing here for the past eight years and never had a track quite like this.

Race fan are very passionate about their favorite drivers, they will defend you even if you’re wrong. Well drivers are just as crazy about racing. This week Shane Blair rushed back from his Mexico vacation to race and Cody Savage, well he takes the cake… He cut his honeymoon short to come race, started last and took third in his heat. Congrats Cody, I hope that decision works out for you in the future and isn’t used in the after-wedding fight.

Eddie Gross, Ryan Middaugh, Dusty Homan, Kenny Harris and Cody Savage where your top 5 in the feature. During the Feature we had a long caution where cars sat waiting. The combination of a hot, humid Missouri weather, race engine, and short exhaust dumping out right in front of the drivers left Mike Savage a little under the weather on the restart. Mike was transported to a local hospital where he was found to be dehydrated. Mike is feeling fine now and will be back racing this week. Drivers, remember as we get deeper into the summer heat you have to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and it starts before you get to the track.

When Rusty Griffaw shows up he comes expecting to take home the trophy and so do most of his competitors, but not this week. Earlier in the weekend Rusty blew a motor while racing in Illinois; he came home and put in his back up motor and hauled to SFCR, but this week Matt Eaton once again had the car setup to win. Good to see Mike Francis back again this week, he and Rusty won the heat races and Rusty won the Dash making it look like just another win for Rusty.

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The feature started and Rusty took the lead and would hold it until Eaton decided enough was enough, motored around Griffaw like it was a Sunday Drive and drove on to the checkered flag for the win. Matt Eaton, Rusy Griffaw, Kasey Nations, Mike Francis and Tim Nash were your winners in the caution free A Mod Feature.

The Gateway Vintage cars were at SFCR this weekend taking you back to your childhood or showing you the racing heritage; whichever age group you fall into, you just have to love the Vintage Cars. These old cars, outfitted with some modern day safety technology really put on a great show; we love to see them here.

Butch Graham and Dustin Adams who has been struggling in his sprint car won the heat races. The top five for the feature are Dustin Adams, Kevin Worley, Kevin Buckley, Cliff Hensley and Jon Self. Good job Dustin, keep digging in that Sprint Car, you will be in the winner’s circle there too, it’s in your blood!

The Jimmy Hurley Show rolled into SFCR Saturday night. Jimmy was hurt in an off-the-track car accident earlier this year so it’s good to see him back racing and back with us at SFCR, one of the crowd’s favorite fast guys. And he proved just that by pulling off the Triple Crown winning his heat race, dash and feature this week. Joey Boyd, Joey Montgomery and Jimmy Hurley were your heat race winners and again Hurley captured the Dash win.

In the second caution-free feature event of the night Jimmy Hurley wins, Joey Montgomery, Joey Boyd, Joe B. Miller and Kory Bales were your feature winners. Every time I see Joey Boyd win a race or finish good, I can’t help but think that the Track Legend, “Tubby Black,” is riding along in that #67 car giving him pointers as they go along. The song “RIDING WITH PRIVATE MALONE” pops into my mind and I remember seeing Joey and Tubby riding to the track on Saturday mornings to check in. You could always see Tubby’s smile before you could see his eyes as they pulled up the parking lot.

This week is double-points night. Drivers will be racing for double points, a win this weekend could make up for that bad night you had or missed. It could be the difference between a big fat check and a little one at the end of the year race banquet. Also since Brian missed the ice cream truck in his child hood, he is bringing one to his sand box!

That’s right, this weekend we will have an ice cream booth set up and running, get your racing fix and your sweet tooth fix all at the same spot!

Gates open at 4 p.m. this Saturday night. Hot Laps are at 6 p.m. and Racing at 7 p.m. Grandstand admission just $10 for adults and kids 12 and under FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

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