FARMINGTON - 2015 Race Season is for sure going to go down as both a wet one and a good one. The threat of rain loomed all day, but nothing was going to stop the track from ‘Racing with Randy’. The Randy Matthews Memorial Race was set and the winning purse of $1000 for the Pure Street class ready, we just needed to find a winner.

And we would find a winner for the Randy Matthews Memorial Race, if you didn’t know Randy he was a racing junkie, he lived it, breathed it, and loved it. He wasn’t just a dad, uncle, father-in-law, engine builder; he was a friend to the racing community here at SFCR. Randy passed away too young, he had a lot more left to give. So we honored him this weekend by having the Memorial Racing and upping the winning purse in the Pure Street Class to $1000.

Racing action was hard, drivers were hungry to win the title and I’m sure the cash was a little incentive too. Judging by some of the names that showed up, some were gunning for the big money, the first time in SFCR history such a large purse was awarded to the Pure Street Class. This motivation left Bub Boyd upside down in turn #2. During an interview, BuB said he came in hard, clipped it; his throttle stuck and flipped it. Dom Wadlow in the

#30 car, Mike Hurst #81H and Travis Goodman were your heat race winners.

In the feature, we saw lots of hard racing but in the end it was Travis Goodman taking home the black cowboy hat, the big trophy and the ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS IN CASH! Finishing out the top five are Mike Hurst #81H, David Baker in the #00, Chris Boyd #25 and Robbie Williams #43X.

Some of you might be saying OH NO HE DIDN’T! Well there is more to the story, after the race the top 5 cars have to go to tech. The #30 car refused to go, did he have something up his sleeve or was it an honest oops we don’t know. One can only guess since this isn’t the first time the #30 car has been to SFCR…….. The 30 car was DQ’d moving everyone up a spot.

The B Mod class had 17 cars in action this week, with only racing six races this year so far we are seeing drivers struggle to finish races, normally by this point in the season drivers have those bugs worked out, but due to a light schedule and mother nature, drivers are still searching to find the right combination. A driver who normally has his stuff together, Kenny Harris, is a prime example of that. He has struggled so far this year to finish a feature with oiling issues.

Kenny switched up his motor program this year, and so far it is proving to be the wrong choice and frustrating. Heat race winners for June 13th were Lou Driemeire #3D, Jeremy Welborn #27W and Dusty Homan#10. Your feature winner was Dusty Homan #10, and rounding out the top five was Eddie Gross #4G, Lou Driemeier #3D, Jeremy Welborn #27W, and Aaron Canterberry #19C.

The A Mod class had 10 cars, this class once boasted much bigger numbers in past history at SFCR but has been struggling this year to pull the cars.

That doesn’t mean they don’t put on a good show. This week it was all about Matt Eaton in the #53 car. Just last week he had planned to start and park, but this week he came with a different plan in mind and he accomplished it by taking the triple crown wining his heat race, dash and feature. Things didn’t look good for Eaton, looked like he was going to bring home a second place finish in the feature, or was he just toying with the 717 car of Tim Nash.

In a last lap, last turn move, Eaton passed and beat him to the finish line. Tim Nash #717, Brent Thompson #18, Jeff Asher #777 and Time Radford #10R round out the top five.

Have you noticed the holographic image inside of the #53 car number? If you look close in the light you see the #23 in the white area of the big #53. Inquiring minds, well, okay I was nosey, I just had to ask, why do you have #23 inside your #53. What was the worst he could say, buzz off? I’ve been told that before, so I had nothing to lose. So I asked. The #23 is a special number to Matt and his family.

That #23 was the baseball jersey number of his 17 year-old cousin that was killed by a drunk driver. This is the 10 year anniversary of the death of his cousin Bradley Lewis. He was a junior in High School at Farmington, taken too early by an intoxicated driver, someone who shouldn’t even been in the U.S. let alone driving. Matt drives with the #23 on his car to honor his memory and this week he parked it in the winner’s circle!

The sprint car class pulled in 19 cars this week, lots of bad luck this week for over half the field, ten cars either didn’t finish or start the sprint feature, leaving nine drivers to duke it out in the bullring.

That’s a winner for Kasey Burch, his first heat race win of the season, maybe that fancy promo video released last week gave him some good luck.

Other heat race winners were the #97 of Tommy Worley and the #2 of Keith Burch; your dash winner was the 12X of Joey Montgomery. Why so many cars not finishing? To be honest that is kind of odd in the sprint car class these guys normally have their stuff together. This week something seemed to be missing.

Dustin Adams is struggling to get his power plant lined out, he has been plagued with issues all season long, he stacked up the field on the start when his car died, and unable to re-fire he had to sit the race out. The #55 of Kevin Todd took a tumble and the rest just pulled off unable to make it to the end. Joey Montgomery #12x, Tommy Worley #97, Keith Burch #2, Kent Buckley #87 and Kasey Burch #11k were your top five.

While racing action was good and we could write about all the action, it’s the action before the race started that means the most this week. At least to me, not sure if it’s because it’s the Randy Matthews Memorial race, or something else but this week the stories seem to be more off the track than on. #87 of Kent Buckley has been side lined as he blew a motor last time out.

This week, we saw Joey Boyd step up and give Kent his car. Now you might let your buddy borrow your ten speed, but would you let him borrow your 410 Winged Sprint car? I don’t know, might have to think about that one. But Joey knew what running this night would mean to Kent, Kent’s crew chief, Jeremy Harding was Randy’s son in law and Randy used to help Kent every week.

A quote from Kent Buckley from October 2013, “For the last 2 years, his eyes were the last eyes I looked into as he pushed our sprint car backwards off the concrete pad for every race. The races will never be the same for me again." Way to go Joey Boyd! Congrats to Kent on your fourth place finish, awesome effort.

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