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Cool temps made an appearance at the raceway this week for the final $5 Night of the 2015 Season, but that didn't stop the fans from coming out to enjoy a night of good ol' dirt track racing! Fans suited up in jackets, sock caps, and gloves and came out to enjoy one more 1/2 price show, and to root on their favorite drivers in hopes of becoming the 2015 track champions in this final points night battle.

With the cooler temps, the track doesn't "soak up" the water like it does when it's hot out, so it took a little longer to get the track ran in and ready to race on. But when it got there, we were treated to some great racing once again from our awesome drivers. Cooler temps really make these race engines come alive!

Real World Talent, LLC./KLP Records artist Kimberly Dawn kicked off the program, performing the National Anthem. Then the Pure Streets were up first.

Ryan Williams (34) picked up the big win last week, and kept the streak going as he picked up the win in first heat race. Heat Race 2 was won by Mike Hurst in car 81H.

Ryan Williams went back to back, parking his 34 machine in victory lane for the 2nd week in a row. Robbie Williams 43x, Josh Despain 81, Jason Neel 94, and 76g Travis Goodman made your top 5.

Sprints ran second this week, in an effort to "blow off the remaining slime" and clean up the track. Dustin Adams had the checkered flag hanging out the side of the familiar #3 car when he picked up the win in the first heat race. Heat Race #2 went to the 97 of Tommy Worley, Jr., and Heat Race #3 was won by the 2k of Ryan Kempin.

Bridgeman won the dash and got the front row starting spot in the A-Main, leading several laps from the start, but would unfortunately suffer some trouble and park the car in the infield. Worley went on to win the A-Main, with the 7c of Joe B. Miller working his way up to second. Joey Boyd, Jason Keith (28k) and Jeff Wurst would complete the top 5.

The A-Mods had a nail-biter of a points’ race coming in to the evening, with 3 drivers, Jeff Asher, Matt Eaton and Billy Smith all within a few points of each other. This would make for tons of excitement as these guys pushed the limits of their equipment, yet keeping a cool head and not "overdriving" their cars.

Brent Thompson in car 18 would pick up the first heat race win. The 69x of Dave Chilton was the winner of heat 2. Tim Radford carried the checkers in his 10R machine after winning heat 3.

Radford also won the dash, and would lead the field to the green flag in the A-main. Billy Smith starting on the outside hit the line first and never looked back, leading green to checkered and finishing the race with a 1/2 track lead over 2nd place Ripperda, with Radford, Asher, and Nations rounding out the top 5.

The 99 of Chuck Adams picked up the first of 3 heat races in the B-Mod class. Dusty Homan would be the winner of Heat Race 2 in his #29 machine. Kodi Savage (13) picked up the win in the final heat race.

Randy Forster (R7), Shannon Burch (8), Eric Sarakas (2), Dylan Driemeier (4M), and Larry Baker (42) all transfered out of the semi into the A-Main.

Mike Savage got the big one and parked the 05 in the winners circle of the A-Main, followed by Eddie Gross, Kodi Savage, Lou Driemeier, and Dusty Homan.

Next up, the WAR Wingless Auto Racing Series will be joining us, adding Non-Wing Sprint cars to the field of regular classes for the first time in many years. Several local drivers are planning on racing both classes, Winged and Non-Winged this Saturday. Also, look for a strong field of Winged Sprints rolling into town to "shake down" the cars and get some laps in before the 20th Annual Queens Royale coming up later in the month.


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