Ten Mile Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area

Location: Headquarters 4 miles west of McLeansboro on State Highway 14

Total Acres: 5846

Timber: 1492

Huntable acres: 4995

Crop land: 2570

Waterfowl rest area: 250

Ponds, wetland: 441

Open, non-cultivated: 1477

Ten-Mile Creek SFWA is located in Hamilton and Jefferson counties. Four separate units are managed for public hunting. The two Jefferson county tracts were mined prior to acquisition. The Belle Rive unit (1460 acres) contains a Waterfowl Rest Area.  It is approximately 56% mined land with new mine law reclamation completed. The Eads unit (1550 acres) was approximately 83% mined and reclaimed under pre-law standards.

The two Hamilton county tracts remain unmined. The Dahlgren unit (1120 acres) contains a good mix of farm fields and forest habitats typical to this part of Illinois. It ranges from high and dry, to low and wet. Much of the wetland had been prior converted to cropland in the Big Creek watershed. The Goshen Trail unit is the southernmost unit (1690 acres) and is mostly upland. A very good mix of cropland, woodland, and open fields makes this area very attractive to a wide variety of wildlife. In addition to the strip pit lakes, numerous ponds dot the landscape of this Site. Many are stocked with bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and some of the strip lakes contain crappie, as well.


Deer, dove, furbearers, quail, rabbit, squirrel, turkey, waterfowl, crow

Other Facilities Available:  Fishing, boating (10 hp maximum), hiking trails; firearms range, archery range, and hand trap range.

State laws and regulations apply, as well as local regulations

For more information: See Site Superintendent, Ten Mile Creek FWA, 4283 State Route 14, McLeansboro, IL 62859, phone 618/643-2862; or, District Wildlife Biologist, 13999 E. Game- Farm Rd., Mt. Vernon, IL 62864, 618/242-2062

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